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You know what I'm going to have to frolic with the wallet because it had that little in. Ira's I like a lot going on my mouth so that one at least handle the different textures. That had not gone on and by always said you mean since the start of this episode. Yes it's like ten minutes ago. Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah so I I'll frolic. I'll follow liquids nut off with that Wallet One. It's going to be instant regret. I might not even make it through. It might just be like a quick hand holding them like you have cooties. It's GonNa be a quick nut. It's a very quick now. The quickest yeah and then I'm GonNa kill the sesame seed because closed `same then just of them. It does look like something that is dead and rotting. Yes and something that you would find growing in your toilet. It looks like the tar pit that killed Tasha Yar on Star Trek the next generation spoilers. Okay right so that's thirty years old. I don't care I I was just GonNa Watch that one season one anyway. So it doesn't matter the tar pit that got the Sabertooth Tigers spoiler alert. Okay I am going to kill the walnut. Is the one that reminded me the most of my old age of like dogs like? Oh when I'm old and I want walnuts. It's basically like already dead like imagine when you're dead and you're craving nuts. This is what they feed you. I don't know if ghosts do there. You don't know that they don't you know what I don't. Maybe that's why some of them are in a bad mood because they can't get nuts now where you're like you know what I could go for a walnut. They see the nutcracker yet here you got Angry else you talk about reminiscing rank and you ever like you're with somebody and they break your heart and you long for them omen. Somebody else comes along. Who like kind of reminds you of that person who really wanted? And you're like I bet if I squint hard enough and have sex with you that it'll be like the person who I loved ever happened to you. I don't think most people are that like self aware but yet neither am is never happened but imagine a thing that could happen at imagine. It's a thing that could happen. And that's how I feel about Lack sesame and my beloved sesame noodles if my sesame noodles left me forever and I was really really missing them and I saw this I would be like. Oh you remind me so much of sesame mills for this moment is GonNa feel really special. But then you're disgusting. Get begun and that will be my frolic. That's why I'm frolicking with the sesame and My sister's in chance that his team I said very clearly that it never happened to me. I was imagining. I was wondering if maybe it had happened to them. He was talking about amy just lead. Ver- family can say that absent. The love in the NEAR LOVES IN THE REMIT REMINISCENT EVERY WEEK. She saying about transferring feelings from one person to yeah just project like this is sideways. You look like people. I love laid sideways. We look dead anyway. You just talk about giving us the side again that happens and he's GonNa marry the old and decrepit. This is the one I want here with me if I ever get to a point where I can't chew peanuts or peanut. Butter is just too dry. That like I can't manage to swallow it but I still like like I'm on a liquid diet and I still need peanut butter. This one's going to be here for me through all of those trials and don't worry about because as long as I'm around I will blend Reece's for you well if you don't like when you need it you don't that. I'm not your manservant right now but day when you need but someday you'll be my man servant. God I did just say that. Didn't you kind of remind me of somebody can? Yes.

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