Michigan, Mr Cowie, Bill Schutte discussed on Talking Biz with Van Conway


Need to continue that one thing that was consistent in each of their presentations was this fact that we've heard lately that michigan ranks very poorly in third grade reading and each of them spoke to that and how that would be a priority in each of their administrations i i was a little struck by that and i was also struck by a theme in mr cowie speech about civil discourse in the need to get back to civil discourse in in the public domain so i thought they each did very well like i said these are three people who have been around the block a little bit when it comes to their political career so they've been honing their messages over the last several months and i suspect that we'll see a good campaign from each of them moving forward even though we own the even though we did not a survey any of ms whitman democratic opponent she she does have a couple herself so it'll be interesting to see how she continues to hone her message over the course of time one thing that strikes me as you talk about that is the the whole the whole tax issue and in the last generation or so michigan has cut taxes and cut taxes and cut taxes we done that sometimes explicitly by cutting tax rate we've more often done it in the quiet in the dark implicitly by we have features of the tax system that don't keep up with the economy the best example is that the sales tax applies to very few entertainments and services and those are the things that are growing thus the sales tax revenue keeps shrinking as a percentage so we're billions below if we if we were at the national average of state and local taxes we would be raising three billion a year more than we are now and so bill schutte talked about further tax cuts which did he say what what spending he would cut.

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