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Tickets. Not like narrating knife show. But yeah, check out green beetle. It's it's really inspiring. Transition there. Hames. What are you reading? What's inspiring you? I have to say tallyho. It's a channel that I've been watching for the last year. I think I started watching him like his first or second video, and it was kind of cool to actually go out there and person the the amount of skill and the sheer amount of live oak needed is incredible, and it is inspiring, build and one that I am really looking forward to watching it hoping that I can get to get out there get some time and give him hand. I'm so definitely check it out. It's tallyho TA l. y. h. o on YouTube. So incredible project. I can't say more cool. What about us? So Brandt Bailey I've, no, I've talked about him before a few of his hammers. He just recently, like over the past like month or two, he started putting out a bunch YouTube videos which hasn't historically done. He's kinda mostly Instagram person, and I like him a lot of it's on the power. Hammer, but still he just get a c. you know, everybody has a different technique for doing things. And I mean, I would, I would say this guy is he's like hammer in the same sentence, but like he's like, he's like the Mozart of power, hammer. He. So it's, it's interesting, but as videos are really short like five minutes and there's no cutting, no editing. It's like I'm gonna show you how to make something that will take you four days today. Oh, I'm gonna do in five minutes on, you know, there's just no s lot of cool techniques and stuff. So, yeah, Bryan Bailey to have been watching. Cool. Do you have a product of the exac? I will admit while you guys go will what you got? I don't have one yet, but just be has been almost almost pulled the trigger on that helps forge. For knife making on strictly on the reviews are good. Does that count. It's my going to be favorite product of the week. So have you ordered it? Not yet. I message them on Facebook. Yeah. Yeah, this if they wanted to like sponsor video or something. Yeah, the collaboration, but if they don't all probably buy it. Nice. James. I have to go with the ship saw that I got to work with a telepho- if you can't tell. I was really, I really enjoyed my time there at the saw tallyho. Do. This is just incredible and words cannot describe how massive and complicated this thing is to be able to progressively change the pitch in Ingles because in most band saw's the table turns in this, the table is always flat, and the saw itself turns around the table and it has a power knob so you can actually turn by power, but that actually moves it a little too fast. So you can you, we has it set up as a crank on the end. So there's a second person watching the angles written out on the board so that he can turn the crank to match the angle at at different spots in the boards. So, yeah, definitely go check. Look at his most recent video has a has a good look at the saw and the next one come out. We'll have even more and I'll probably have a video coming out soon with what I did on it. So it's a seriously cool channel as well as tool. Where do you find something like that? Well, this particular saw is they don't know exactly how old it is, but probably somewhere around one hundred years old and he he was wanting to have something like that. He actually was going to end up having to do it with a saws, all and having a bed mounted to the saws. Also, he could slowly change angle at the size all, but that would take for ever to cut one of these things out. And someone watching the channel said, hey, I've got one. Do you want it. Yeah. And so this makes like we were cutting ten foot long boards and attend foot long cut dead on the line through to a quarter inch of live oak, which if you've ever cut live oak, it is incredibly difficult and we were cutting, you know, ten foot long line in fifty sixty seconds. Well, changing the angle. It was probably a little longer than that. It's probably like a minute half, but still that's incredibly fast. So does that give you one yet? I have what you got..

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