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The community. Call four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three gets you involved in the conversation. So I'm tossing them to Jared because we're a big part of it is when the older generations speak to the younger generation you come on Sunday, angry old men, right? You pull up your pants wireless and all that tribute attributed trap music. What is a Megan? Anyway, you you sound old and it's hard it's hard to break through. But is wounded while I was growing born nineteen thirty two he was not a friendly person in my dad going. There was no there were no frankly being born before like, Aw. Aw. They went through a whole lot harder stuff than us. So a quick story when but my dad was telling me to pick up some stuff we're out in Talbot in Georgia. Yeah. We're here. So we Don Talbot were under and trailers that we have as all my dad told me to go up to top of the hill and get the get the cinderblocks and bring them down to at a time. I'm six foot blocks at six years old. What I do the best that I can bring what it's taking me a little bit too long to do it. Right. So I was afraid I might get a spanking. As a child often does stop, and I'll just start wandering off and looking off into space, and then I just feel again hit in the back of the head. Hit me over nineteen seventy six Ford pickup truck. I'm talking about the only about six miles an hour. Yup. Well, that's the way men educated. There was touchy feely I care about your general health care or your your emotions, but sometimes it's harder for the older generation and talk to the new generation where it is very much emotionally. I know someone sitting something bad to me on Instagram or jumped off a building is hard to make that connection between those between those generates. So how do we bridge that gap? Well, you know, what we were talking about over the break is social media has given young people extreme confidence. Right. And so I'm confident if I got my thousand followers, my two thousand five thousand my ten thousand I am more competent than what any competence of the world will bring me because my present reality is not the metaphysical reality. It is my digital reality. And so on my digital reality is a strong affirmation than my. Metaphysical reality does not matter in any way, shape form or fashion. So my suggestion as. Difficult as it may be is is because the the older generation has lived. They've lived their life. They need our generation to step up shelter. So what's going to happen is the older generation is going to have to figure out how to get on our level of conversation in order to get around level conversation. They're going to have to penetrate, the digital space gonna rush. Absolutely. You're gonna have to penetrate in the digital space, and the and the digital space is going to have to be the base of your conversation. You cannot expect for the next generation to come onboard to come on board in in getting this affirmation for the metaphor for the metaphysical representation, revert abs-. Absolutely. You know, it's going to have to be the other way around where the older generation is going to have to penetrate, the digital space. And because that's the only way that we're going to have a conversation. That's going to actually, you know, very powerful when saying, and you know, I I. Mentor, a young man that Jerry knows well CJ Pearson who is on Facebook, and he has tunnel followings often on Fox News and CNN and everything else had a low debate with President Obama on Twitter Twitter. CJ is blockchain genius. I showed up one time at a parent to St. CJ's raised by his grandparents, and he's looking he can get out of hand a little bit. So they need help and the help. So I go into C J C J has hired on attorney because see so you're right. We have to look at manhood from a digital age and how the in development of young people like you said from a digital perspective. People will tell me all the time. Leo is a natural that he has all that Facebook following and that he can pop up on Fox News. And then in the middle of the night, there's address it is unnatural to us the way the phone was unnatural when it was first invented that. They're they're dealing with a new reality. And he's he's hired an attorney with money. He got from Google ads and not even just and not even just that. Right. But like if I am a young person who stubborn because I've got social media formation and somebody sits here, and they try to tell me about what I should. And should not do then I'm gonna look, and I'm going to see how many social media followers. You. Oh crap. I've got four hundred fifty thousand social media followers, and you've got five hundred I don't care about this office because I've got you know, the March March for our lives kids raised five and a half million dollars in a matter of like fifteen days for their March. If I'm them, you know, and I know a lot of them. I'm good friends with from them. I'm going to be like, you know, I don't I really don't care about Jerry. The archetype of what is a man what is leadership so women, and what is womanly leadership that may stay the same because it's hard to change nature. Right. Thank way that you move towards that archetype is going to be different. We need to we need to adjust. We're talking about a vehicle and not the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle what he's talking about is all social media. It doesn't mean that just because you got a million followers that you got good sense has no no litmus got hundreds of millions. You can be absolute fool. A million a million followers. So has nothing to do with your ability to systemically put something on the ground. That's going to be able to help us live do the heavy lifting for the black community. We've got some help. Is a good vehicle. You know, it's interesting you say that because part of the problem is a lot of the time when the young bulls charging old lions ready to get out of the way perfect example at run by whereabouts. Say something we're going to go full nerdy here. So Suleyman Domon magnificent. The this was era of the Ottoman empire. Right. You know, he was expanded the Ottoman empire to the south destroyed. The Persian suspended into the north invaded Hungary got all the way to the Anna. But he was stopped by the weather went back home. It was twenty years later. It's time for his son Mustafa to take over the empire. So Soula was not ready to get out of the way. It was a tradition. Ottoman empire. Did you kill off your other sons to allow one to take over the empire that way you won't end up with a civil war? Once you die Suleiman realizing those time I want to take over here to completely different cavalry tactics. He was ready to take the empire to new generation killed all the sons, including the one who is willing to take his place because he was not ready to get out of the way and often we see our older leaders cutting the legs out from under the young folks instead of getting out of the way to allow them to lead. So the older generation in the room, y'all old self not me, but. What you do? Yeah. What can we do to make sure that that the older generation is giving room for this younger generation to grow up behind Dr Patillo, we got cut off in our generation because the older generation still here. Me they were still here. And so in a certain way, we got cut all that that that you know, the thing is you'll give me. Oh. You gotta get we ought to be able to resource that give to get our community off the ground because I can't lift it by myself. He gave lifted mime sale McCain with political parties, we're going to have to lift it from internal of black. Amir. And we'll have to have some help to do it resource. I liked what Jared said, look, this is a vehicle we're dealing with in two thousand eighteen and most of the land you talking about are not in that environment at all. So as easy to get by the old generation where this vehicle. If we can get a good standard good entrepreneurial incubator system, where we can everybody who has a gift Wigan vet and get them up to the next level, regardless of where they come from see we got a whole lot of prejudice in process in the black community that we got that call us. You've got these absolutely skinny he's gay. Not. She's geez. Gauge, you got fake had fake nails and all of those prejudices. We're going to have to move them back out of the way to get to the heavy lifting Republican. I'm democrat all independent all those arguments, a nebulous, and we're going to have to do that heavy lifting and it's gonna take entrepreneurship and resources to do. It isn't that they're going to have to be a paradigm shift of accepting. I mean because we already saw accepting that something has to change that we have to say that there has to be a standard. There has to be some archetypes we have to be willing to say that truth exists through. And that's where the. Certainly met to do pastor will early Williams conversation last part of the problem with someone tells you exactly what the issues is people rejected allegory of the cave. They're afraid. They can't take that heat. What kind of heat you feel we found her lake fire Endo is look you. You might like dancing in the church will you'll be dancing real hard. When that fire. We'll be back after breaking news and talk thirteen eighty W A. Okay. Call us at four zero four eight nine two two seven. Oh, three on news talk thirteen eighty W A. Okay. Breaking.

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