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Your morning cup of sean this is the sean hannity morning minute i have a lot of questions i want to ask robert muller when did you know that there was no collusion with the trump campaign and russia why with such a broad mandate why did you spend your time focused on farah violations loan applications taxi medallions and decades-old tax returns when did you know the questions were surrounding the dirty russian dossier of y if you're looking into russian interference and your mandate was basically to see if this russian interference would you nor the biggest evidence today which was oh a bought and paid for russian disinformation dot c._a. conservative underground meets later today on the sean medical marijuana anniversary good morning i'm jacqueline scott and the katie okay news center this is oklahoma's first news sunny hot today our forecast is coming up it's been a year since oklahoma voters approved medical marijuana here's jim forsyth in that one year more than one hundred thirty eight thousand oklahomans have received a medical marijuana patient license that's among the highest in the country the oklahoma medical marijuana authorities says the high number is likely because it's not hard to get a license oklahoma has more than fifteen hundred dispensaries and more than thirty two hundred growers the state of oklahoma's resting its case for now in its opioid lawsuit trial underway in norman a final witness could be called next week attorneys for johnson and johnson will call their first witness today the trial has been underway since may twenty eighth it's expected to last several more we one of the state's death row inmates has died beth myers reports the state of oklahoma won't be pursuing an execution date for death row inmate shelton jackson that's because the forty six year old jackson has died a c. spokesman says he died june sixth after being found unresponsive in his cell on death row at the mcallister penitentiary they don't consider the death to be suspicious jackson spent twenty one years on death row after being convicted in nineteen ninety eight of killing his girlfriend and tulsa an inmate has been found dead at the davis correctional facility in holden ville and d._o. officials believe it was a homicide twenty-three-year-old roscoe craig was found unresponsive on monday in the cell he shared with another inmate who is considered a suspect craig was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead he was serving time for assault for jury and violating the sex offender registration at the first tv debate of the twenty twenty primary hell last night in miami evan brown was there debates are way to reach less than fervent voters who aren't always on political twitter for democrats the contrast between socialists and not took center stage to aurora and build a blasios heard on n._b._c. they can choose medicare for the coronary workers got knowledge negotiators working people they're able to keep them why are you trying to say not everybody got enough time on the ten person stage john delaney didn't think he did you know i just think all the candidates would gets the amount of time oklahoma u._s. senator james langford says he's taken long enough for congress to fix a broken immigration system this is not that hard but it's become this horrible partisan issue i think all of us are really frustrated with to say this has been discussed to death we've got to be able to act on this during a homeland security committee hearing yesterday langford said democrats are decrying the media that president trump is not solving the border problems while at the same time delaying humanitarian aid for months three interim studies requested by democratic state representative melissa provenzano of tulsa focus on education policy provenzano is a former teacher and public school administrator her studies if approved would examine the student loan debt crisis in oklahoma virtual school attendance policies and how to help schools create workforce ready individuals president trump is expected to meet with at least eight world leaders on the sidelines of the annual group of twenty summit which opens today in japan the one on one sessions come as the u._s. continues at showdown with iran a trade war on china and the threat of more election interference from.

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