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I can't wait to hear it all right go. Dolphins dolphins tool dolphins. Podcast is proud to be a member of the dolphins. Talk podcast network. In addition to our website at two old dolphins l. f. a. n. s. dot com i tunes spotify and google play. We can also be found. Dolphins talked dot com. Could reach out to us to our website and email address. What's there or find us on twitter where we're very active We have an instagram account. That we post to occasionally and A facebook page. Our podcast contains the music of two bands. We'd like to thank the original tar tanic drum and bagpipe champions. You could find their music. And more at titanic dot net a huge shoutout to rick the jesus in the boys of attlee sway can't thank them enough for allowing us to use their kick ass rock in our podcast. You could find them everywhere. Amazon apple facebook spotify. And make sure to catch them. When they're touring because they are the best. Thank for more news analysis. I- dolphins a you you back through bad break..

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