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Than eric dickerson all my got better be well he's taken number one overall it might maybe or number two overall by in silence that's a positive measure he better better better i mean i mean that's all i here's out greatest guy going to play the game ball game before him anointing imminent put them in alfaran especially because if you own long him a generational player well if you're going to be played that high on you better be that good well i know when you look at the role as acts that have been so selected that high over the years you know leonard 'fernet was number four but that's different than one or two same thing with zeke trip richardson was number three i wouldn't say he was a generational challenge a generational boss of what you i'm generational bus and we go back i'd like the last time there were numberone pick with a running back was unfortunately was another pence bake i could jonah quarter we talked about daddy blues out nehsadze never played didn't exactly work out some of the first preseason game now that we ever saw began and the other thing is we all know about thomas that does this of course even if he's good like let's say he's lithuanian tomlinson of the hall of famer that's pretty good it's just say he becomes gave us that's a good one hundred so let's say he's lithuanian tomlinson of the giants take a number two over on you've got this hall of fame running back reichstag ours blitz also say that davis where turns out to be nothing you can find a quarterback for the next ten guys that's not a good spot now let you rowell's fine maybe not the hall of fame quarterback but the quarterback they can be your guy for a decade the matthew stafford if you will i think he's a hall of famer naji stafford he's not but you know what would you rather have on roving told me to jets could guy i could have met you stab it is my quarterback i'm taking them well yeah but in comparison to a hall of fame running back because think about this with a lenient tomlinson one of the great running back for the last twenty years right now quite here here and that's not on him.

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