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Is this a legitimate sporting endeavour and missteps getting real. Like no man until i see him. Fight an actual boxer. I'm avs problems. call jake. Paul legitimate so ak we did a reaction podcast to this press conference it was shot all shoddy myself damon martin and we're trying to find the right words to express how we feel heading into this fight and one of the words throughout that was seemed to be. The word of most debate was excited and everyone wrestled with that word. And i'm curious. Ak are you excited for this fight. Like not the circus and not the build in the silliness the actual fight itself. Are you excited to see jake. Paul box tyron woodley. I am a legitimate excited. There's that there's that there's that word again capital capital. I'm legitimately excited guys. It's i thought i thought jake. Paul i am on record on so many of our show saying as i was super intrigued by the jake paul on venus aspirin fight. And i'm even more intrigued by this one. Because yeah i think we view tyron woodley as a little more of a striker for sure. He has highlight. Reel knockouts on his record in mma completely different sport. I understand but the thought of been aspirin landing like a ko. Blow on on Jake jake pox either towards resonating percent. Jake paul it was like a pipe like it's like that's probably not gonna happen the thought of with doing it. It doesn't seem completely unbelievable. We don't know how how Tara is going to look in a in a straight up boxing match but we know he has power. We know he's he's not the kind of guy you know. There's a lot of cracks. Ask a dad bought physique before that fight. That's not going to have a time. When the guy isn't immaculate shape which one about his performances again made me you know maybe maybe the the body in the mine aren't quite as willing to pull the trigger anymore And high lucy fight but but he's certainly still in great athletic shape and that's that's a big big sell for this fight. So it's it's just a basic primal level of Jake paul leveling up competition wise and now facing more Non tired of myself a more. Legitimate opponent woodley. It certainly feels that way. And the only way to find out if it's real or not is to watch the actual flight and that data's the appeal of it. That is what makes it so exciting. Will he be a good fight. I don't know Again how do we define good in the scenario. I think it's going to vary from person to person. But i think as soon as as soon as late night rolls around. I know i'm going to be super into it. And i think a lotta people who who tuned in are not going to regret that they that they invested their time spencer. Something tells me that excited is not one of the words. That's on top of mind when it comes despite so if you could put a word to it in terms of how you're feeling heading in august twenty ninth. What were would you use of why. I'm certainly intrigued. Because like i said i give jake paul credit for the steps. He's taken and the effort. He's committed to building himself as a boxer and trying to develop this. He's certainly much more refined at it and seems like he's put a lot more energy into it. Ben his brother who looked like he was just out there swinging swinging for the fences. And you know throwing throwing ugly punches against floyd mayweather. And i'm i'm intrigued to see what he does against. The guy that you know is is a former ufc champion and is still in great shape and should as we've said be a level up in terms of competition because this is sort of the way you see if there is legitimacy here and if there is something beyond just being spectacle here so i'll certainly pay attention in terms of getting results. Getting some you know replays and highlights through twitter but not like appointment viewing for me. Where i'm i'm planning this out to sit down on my on my couch that night and and take it all in if he goes out and beats tyron woodley. Though like even. I will come back on this show and offer a mayor culpa to aka lead to jake paul to literally everybody for me calling it illegitimate or or thinking questioning the legitimacy of this. Because he goes out there and beach. Tyron woodley then. It's something we need to talk about more and pay more attention to because then it's you know it's it's not beaten as you said. It's not beating ben askar. Who really stood not a lot of chance of going out there and land in a big shot to win that fight but tyron has that potential and he should have that or he should have that potential and we'll find out if he does first of all is nothing more legitimate than a robot being involved in fight promotion as the. They know this during their their their days of fox. And also there's nothing nothing makes fight more legitimate than a tattoo. Bet and that's what we have here. The stakes are high gentlemen. The stakes are high heading inaugural good news. Bad bet now now. Spencer is saying he will he will. He will retract. What he is he will. He will call. He will look back on the spectrum actively as a legitimate athletic contest. Should should jake paul wind. So that's really what the tattoo things super bowl this is. This is what i really waiting for. I cannot wait to see. The world turned upside down. I don't wanna see the goal post moved again spencer. Alright those those those are does it. He goes out and beats tired. Woodley i will be the first one all up in your mentions saying you're right. I was wrong. Bowed down. If i if i win today and and jake paul wins. I solemnly do provice that. I will accept the no contest in this contest. I think i. I think even more so what we we should do in. You can hopefully find a way to do this. Is that if this happens. You have to issue an apology via video. But riding around in a motorized cart conor mcgregor. I will find excuses there. There are certainly scooters at several big box stores around. Here i will. I will come endear one. Grab a selfie. Stick and just bomb around wrapping and apologizing to ak league. I've nev- wow i. I just through the aisles of costco. I'll have to do something as well. We'll figure that out. Yeah obviously. I'm going to put all that in. I gotta do something so Bet within a bad. This is a beautiful thing The good news is we have five or so full weeks to build upon this nights. So get your robot costumes. Ready and the buckle up and just like. We should buckle up for the final round of regulation. The point for round three goes.

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