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Stephanie when I tell you this is Do you know what, Um, milk pie is, Yeah. Christina Tosi is milk bar pie. Okay, so I had heard about milk bar pie, and I knew that it was hers. But I've never really had it. It used to be called crack pie Woz of a bomb. She decided not to call it that anymore because it was a little a little derivative. So she included a couple of slices of this pie in my order. Okay. Like of all the things I had in the two weeks of back pain. Sorry, Kurt. That was the best milk bar pie, is it? It was so great from National Gallery. She did it because you inordinate it Yeah, Someone's recipe, and she made it. Okay, So if you're looking to help someone out who's sick, or if you just want a little help, because you're not a great cook, or you need a couple of miles away because you're sick of cooking all the time, Nash and gather I think everybody's sick of Mattias. Not the weekly that most people my sisters like If I have to talk one more mill. Tell you there's it's hard for me. I was pimping the mother's a meal kits, and I'm still down for those. I think it's a great idea, especially if you want to cook for your mom. And you really can't get a meal kit. But just saying I'm probably never gonna order me. Guess you will open. Just like I said, I'm going to not eat out five days a week. Well, you will. Well, no, actually enjoyed them. So that's the thing I'm getting Take out. I'm still doing take out but the milk it where I have to follow your instructions to put together this thing I can Doing anywhere. Oh, I think travail has done a great job with them. But even that true and like Grand Cafe those were the only two that I would do. Um Okay, So here's my second one. I'm just being honest. My second one is I was at Billy Sushi last night. And that's in the North loop and open during the pandemic. So if you haven't then you should check him out. He's great when he was we had a big story on him in the March issue on D. He's just, you know, an obvious friend, but we went He's good friends. He loves Jake, like he's a good game, baby fan. And so we went to celebrate giant babies, You know, acceptance in the university, Puget Sound and everything else, but he was busy. You know, I mean, and Billy was busy, and so it's like, Usually we sitting, we chat with him and you know, we get sushi, and it's a good but I have to tell you we had such a great experience. We sat in the middle of the sushi bar, and we had We had baska. I think his name out. Yeah, Baska, Who is Billy's nephew? Actually, but he was our sushi staff shoes. This is how you do this sushi chef, And if you sit there and you order from your sushi shaft, you just say I know we just did this just No, this is we're in your hands. I can't possibly think of what to order. I don't know. I haven't thought about. Like, what kind of sushi I want so We left ourselves in his hands and wow, just the stuff that came out. Do you have to give like a dollar amount? Nobody What you can do. You can say Excuse me, you can say You know, we're looking to spend like about, you know, 100 bucks each or like, you know, we're thinking like that, or you or else you could do where I was like I knew it was gonna be a celebration, so I'm fine to spend what I'm gonna spend. But like, I'm like we're going to give you when I get full. I need you to stop. Okay, So it's like you can either do that or the other or you can say like we're really into salmon. I'm really super hungry for salmon. So aim that way or like we don't like you do with drinks at a bar. Like when you want to meet here and you say to Rob Jones. I really loved you and rob human. Anything Citrus? Yeah, Hook me up. Yeah, so, but I just and he's just a lovely person, and he was just It was fun to chat with him, and we talked about, you know, the Seattle area. We talked about Rahman and we talked about all the things so it's just that thing where, like, If you're Looking for that kind of experience. I just have to recommend you can ask to sit in Baskas section. Okay, So my second one is kind of a mother's day thing. Truffle Hill Chocolates is a local chocolate here in Excelsior. Yes, they are. And boy, how do you find out about them? Because, Stephanie, I'm starting to do a little research on the West. Okay, had a Jackson the V F W and Golden Valley and they know about Excelsior Hill. Chocolate means the truffle hills like Excuse me, Trump the hotel Little House. Like up on a hill. Did you go there? Yeah. Okay. Yes, And they have a chocolate and they have these delicious dark chocolate pecan turtles. They have delicious salted Carmel's They also have something that I did not eat. That is in my refrigerator waiting for me to feel better. Which is popcorn with chocolate and caramel on it because popcorns hard for me to digest. Yeah, right. But if you're looking for something for your mama, that would be a great place to go. Okay. By the way, have you got two Shooters Tavern yet? Actually, we were on our way to Schuyler's Tavern, and we stopped at the V. F W first and then we only wanted to have one beer and we went home. But no, we're close. Okay, It's open. It's totally a year. It's like a totally year and Kurt kind of because it's a supper club, right. It's just a tavern. It's just like it's like a V F W It actually feels not dissimilar. But they have great chicken wings. I did win $8 and pull tabs. Good. Check the DFW for the veterans. It's pretty happy about that. Chicken wings that Schuyler's Yeah, they're falling. Is that a really good? I could go there today. Stephanie. You know, you really could. All right. We're gonna take a break. You guys would come back. We are gonna have Michelle Mazzara and we're gonna talk about spicy things. We'll be right back. This is a weekly dish brought to you by or needles. 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