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But then they're just like well. The small cloud that looked like a gargoyles Passover I read in the Tribune on aimed e be this whole movie was filmed with one camera. I. Believe it. At that guy in the backseat. Like please, don't drop the camera only one we have. The two headed mystery Lizard. See the snake den Uncle Willie's desert museum sent. That says cold drinks of it says something before that there was cold there was cold beer and he makes a comment of Heller something stop here for anyway here's just another building not by the septic tank that just says snakes. Man No doors on it so It's Already worried. Three Indian blankets for sale out curios is what it says isn't that a song now? Not GonNA sing it. Yeah it was a song. Yes. See that he's got just a building this as snakes. Stapled a cowhide to his ceiling in the kitchen. We talked about this the other day though talking about the movie Resurrection I. Oh yes. She hasn't healing touch thing but yeah, at the end she kinda runs the a place like this. See the two headed snake Oh really. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. That's a weird ending. I never want to see that movie again. No. Okay. Willie just handed them a couple of just warm coors here. This'll really wet your whistle and she gets startled by this rattlesnake that's in the cage. Yeah. For the next two minutes during their talk tapping on. vk right. I don't think you really want to do that. Now she seems dumb like she's not going to arrive arrival. She's just the type of girl that would be kidnapped by GARGOYLES. It's so weird that in this I mean, she's like a grown woman in this movie not teenager, but it's just weird like hanging out with your dad and like bell bottoms and just like a tiny bikini, top? Yep. Weird erm I just it kind of bothered me to. Willy doesn't seem to mind. nope. You know I'm younger than your dad back. Take you back to the back and show you one of my bones? Hey, hey, don't go away. Did I mention bones? No wild as the best line ever and I don't know if I would have. Voted caught it except for the closed captioning but. Right when they walk into this shack I, guess the gargoyles shack a says smells like old bones yes. WanNa. What do you mean? What do you old bones smell like i?.

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