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And the dow closed up eighty four the nasdaq up thirty eight the sp 500 up eleven and that's market rap and mary blake wbz newsradio 1030 north of philadelphia another man is now charged with the killings of four men who vanished two week ago the update from cbs's bill rakoff the bucks county district attorney matthew wine trobe announced the latest developments friday for mckerrow tom izzo mark sturgeons and jim patrick all been positively identified notified older loeb warms in a peaceful and respect for as possible 20yearold cosmo denardo stands charged with the deaths of all four of the missing men a second man is also under arrest 20yearold sean krantz charged with the deaths of three of the four missing men bill rakoff cbs news state rep from hudson new hampshire his accused tonight of sexually assaulting a 16yearold girl thirty say that eric sean use the girls interest in politics as an introduction he's been charged with a misdemeanor charge of sexual assault and two misdemeanor counts of simple assault three teens from hyde park have unearthed at twenty four year old law that could provide money per recreational facilities across the city cross stevens with the story three hardcourt gene agers discovered that a 1993 yoder's with the soon to be td garden in order to get state approval agreed to hold three fundraisers a year in the new building with money going to recreational facilities in the city we can turn vehicle supervised the teens at the hide square task forces that never happened we hope that they will be closely responsible and come up with a precursor of it can be contributed couvert effort the teenagers started the researchers they were trying to figure out why the state never replace skated banks closed in a couple of labour hoods in boston a couple of decades ago girl stevens wbz newsradio 1030 and mike riley in the aides to com sports studio what are you got what he a guy well we got all our laura let's start with.

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