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Uh so if christie or does away what else you're looking at assessment is because that's what i was actually not hotter early from inkatha yeah i'll think so what body in desmond moncada may go your shortly actually i think moncada goes the sayer goes adam jones i was with just one as long as desmond goes out of the top one hundred he was top one hundred and a lot of the dress i'm doing now that were we're basically out of that i can i could get behind the so alan desmond if we can't get allan taylor uh at least guzman groans i hate had that's that's the primaries and i suggest him i hate these rounds right now we are just i don't love these players here i mean i think this is where we talked about when we we started justin last night we were going through in like looking trying to jump ahead on subjects and it we got down to this point in real like there goes khris taylor a worst who sucks i thought he might vacate because that would that people like oh it's much well i i i look like desmond um i don't think he's going to fail twice in colorado with any measure of health uh can't we don't know the health for sure but if it's there i think he'll be good no interest in like a trevor story i do like travers story i i wasn't sure if it was too early to take him i just look at how safe the batting average is on the team so far with k goes cody out by the way.

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