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Counter programming. That's supposed to talk during reds. So we'll save some of that for the five o'clock hour. Hopefully bottom of the six. Three two three mike daniels has been moved back to the bengals. Practice squad. the bengals named captains today. Joe borough joe. Mix and tyler. Boyd sam hubbard. Jessie bates von bell. Kevin huber is your special teams captain. Fc cincinnati did you know alex. There's an mls soccer team in town. I do because. I generally run most of their games out of this studio. That sounds awful. It is now that they've left nipper stadium. I wouldn't mind seeing them do well. Boy they'd better figure it out because they not only are they they. They bad per se but they're not entertaining. There's nothing especially when we get to football right when you get to this climate and you've got options. Why why are you watching. Fc cincinnati right. Now if you have other options because you're a fan. I get it but like they're not playing a fun brand of soccer. they're not playing an exciting style. And if you're if you're you're boring and you're bad it's not a great mix start a great mix boring in bad you heard him mention it. Yesterday at the end of sunday morning sports talk. He feels bad for fc cincinnati fans. Because it's such a rabid loyal fan base and yet they aren't getting anything out of it. I don't know how rabid and loyal it is it. Sounds like a good crowd there every game when well. Yeah i mean you're a you're in a right around a thirty thousand seat stadium which is a lot of people. Don't get me wrong. It just it's not indicative of this like million person. Fan base is what i'm saying. I think they're very loyal to what the idea of. Fc cincinnati was when it was started but the product is bad product. Just bad and it's hard to continue to keep asking people for money when you're not giving them a good product to pay for. Let's take a break when we come back. Everybody wants to talk about jober. Oh i don't think he's the key to the season cincinnati. Espn fifteen thirty log. Amac cincinnati's espn fifteen thirty chad. Brendel sitting in for mo-.

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