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And P. standard and poor's lowered Macy's credit to junk day not great makes you stock finished a three and a half percent lower other department stores today were kinda makes JC Penney dialed up to ten percent goal should one point four percent apple stock seven days you might imagine down one point eight percent you're listening to marketplace marketplace is supported by Baird more than investment professionals for one hundred years Baird has partnered with individuals businesses institutions and communities working together toward their financial goals more information is available at Baird one hundred dot com and by reputation defender dot com introducing their reputation report card which scans and creates a person's online presence in real time showing people how they look online and what to do about it mort reputation defender dot com stand by legalzoom legalzoom provides legal solutions to small business owners so that they can focus on running their business more information is available at legalzoom dot com slash market place you are listening to marketplace on ninety point three K. AZ you support for Casey you comes from the law firm of Nolan Tamera Lee at ten and Hostetter kidded to client focused relationship driven service on the central coast since nineteen twenty eight learn more at N. H. E. H. dot com and from sweet Elena's bakery and cafe offering cinnamon flavored New Orleans style king cake for Mardi Gras as well as traditional French king cake with almond cream and caramelized pears sweet Elena's dot com it's currently.

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