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But one the jobs that cool not awesome and your lap miserable uh you gotta go do something else them and that was it and the reason i did with the reason i was in israel man was because i wanted to i wanted music so i want to get national 'cause like i said the two weeks ago suspended i want a national in just hung with brian he was like do coupon will just bureau bars knows all that was the first time he he was like yeah man men tyler starting to sing call floor george line is pretty cool with your working and clearly was right in human europe part of the uh you wrote apart a cruise right yeah yeah i wrote crews with brian and jesse rice insomnia mainly on omar windows down crews i gotta get you on my new record padrone i tell you this chase i don't know how to tell you this i want number one on i tunes uh two weeks ago true story with a saw so i've been number one on itunes on itunes chart dis how's that true it allows a comedy song there's not a lot of people making goodness and that's an ethnic order that that's an angle you could sneak in chase that the come i want to number one for two days i was in i we didn't so a lot i mean we saw a good amount but not a lot we up to number one jays you're compete in wrong genre country music is loaded a four hour number one in in in i tunes as well in country music so i would i leave that you know what you're in let's get to that i just listen to three chords in a truth uh great fucking song really good songwriting man.

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