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Speaking of which so we can get into our agreements, beautiful, beautiful segue. Speaking of alcohol. So our wine came out today. And you know, I got a so many comments being like if Katie doesn't come out with her own tequila. It's a waste of show. Same katie. I'm you know, what maybe there is something in the works that there actually is. So just wait. So boom, you hurt his wait furnace better than it's it's better than what you think you're going to say it's better than in the UAE be pissed. No, rudely total very very different. Not totally totally different for different occasions for different moods. You need your own to Keila. Well, I don't know if it's going to be like my own tequila, but it's there's gonna be some security, Katie. Yeah. That you can drink. Everyone needs a little too key located with them at all times. So that's all. All right. So to the to the people that have tweeted and commented to me, if you're listening to this podcast you when I do this podcast. I feel like I'm talking aliens that might do people actually listen to this shit. Do people is there. Anyone out there? Like, I feel so narcissistic to just like be talking into this microphone and not seeing an audience and just being like, you guys ka. Lease welcome to straight up with starchy. I hope someone's listening. Right. I have so many practice conversations alone. Anyway. So it doesn't really seem to me really. At least at least you do you speak into a microphone, and you put this out into the interwebs for people. Listen to I this is you talk to yourself with no microphone. Do you? Really? Like, yeah, alone. When a drive in the shower, I practice, I let's how I work out. All my thoughts. Are you allowed people? Do this all the time. You'd never do this. You never talk to myself. No you do. I do especially in my car. Yeah. What do you say? I wing or like any sort of speeches. I like to work out, my voice and lecture. Like am. I gonna talk like this or am. I gonna talk like this like mine is more like it's like a diary or journal. It's how people diary or journal, but I do out loud by myself. I only do that in my car. That's literally the only place. I don't do it at home because my dog's always feel like I'm talking to them. But like weirds me out, y'all. I I feel like this is something that people who watch banner puzzles need to know, they want to know this. I've never talked to myself ever. But I don't know. I need you to tell me. Okay. So say we were going to film a scene tonight. Okay. Let's say we're going to film a scene. I'm trying to think of something where where like you something dramatic or not dramatic. Dramatic do dramatic go for it. So should we go with Billy Lear James Kennedy, either some that's what I mean? Let's see like you just found out that like I said jacks. Like, we're at Jackson. I just want to know where what you winner get..

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