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Sheriff hodgson from a standard marine critters newsroom i'm tim weisberg wbs news seventy eight degrees in sunny your forecast from abc six coming up bristol county sheriff thomas hodgson found himself on the other side of the law wednesday as he faced contempt charges in us district court in boston the judge discharge the order to show cause or in other words found no contempt of court relating to sheriff hodgson's appearance back in july is the only defense witness in the trial of antonio freitas parada says they former bristol county sheriff's department employee who was convicted of helping godfather carlos rafael smuggle cash profits from his illegal overfishing scheme to portugal the contempt charge came about when sheriff hodgson showed up two hours late to testify in phrases trial he told judge william young he was late because of traffic on the south expressway heading into boston new bedford police had very little information to work on after a fight resulting in injuries in the near north end tuesday night it bedford police responded to reports of a brawl in the area of beatles street and belleville avenue around eight p m tuesday with a fight breaking up as police arrived witnesses to the fight refuse to provide any information to the police several hours later a twenty nine year old man reported to police that he was cut in the shoulder and the hands as a result of the fight however the victim could not describe as a sandlant and refuse to cooperate with police and he when with information about the incident is asked to call new bedford police thirty seven year old khalid a world fall river was ordered held without bail under the state's dangerous in the statute this week aware was arrested last month for allegedly trafficking in cocaine while already out on bail for a pending cocaine distribution charge oil was arrested by fall river police back on meet one third and charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine subsequent offence he was arraigned in fall river district court in held on twenty thousand dollars cash bail after having this case indicted to the superior court level i wear posted bail and was awaiting trial when on august eighth he he was again arrested by fall river police this time for trafficking in cocaine and possession of cocaine the dented tribute which led to district attorney thomas quinn to seek dangerous in this indictment from the.

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