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That are on the the hot seat or not even on hot seat you will be blown away by the bio payments for these coaches and then ask yourself this question so they say they won't pay the players we can't play the players because there's not enough money you can get Bret Bielema Levin dollars eleven million dollars go wait Jim Moore twelve million and change to go away for UCLA thank you find a way to pay players time now to take a walk it takes takes the sting out of that phone call saying you're gone by the way knowing you got eleven point nine coming your way J. and what your job only a year but it popped out I want to know more about that story they released the feminist twelve million dollars are because I was like what if we just don't pay him you think he'll come for find out thanks to some you know somebody to a million dollars they don't give it to him there could I ask about that too amazing yeah that's that is workable in LA this exactly they did the the Mike Shanahan ever get his money from L. Davis it's a great question I don't know for a fact that I don't know if I'd like to see that I'd like to see that ESPN don van Natta good do the backstory on that which is given to go deeper they're a **** of the money has not been paid that man is check for six time now for the block construction block buster play of the week presented by block construction we jump in the Wayback machine and go out too far back eight years ago June thirteenth twenty twelve eight years ago tomorrow Matt Cain was absolutely perfect J..

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