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That very welch. What if i was your old west author like morgan john roderick It's pretty good multiple. Names go back to the way wait. What's your middle name. Wayne the ws for wayne. Serial killer kim w jennings. I've seen that. And i'm the third and i did not advance when previous kenneth we jennings pass. Oh you're kenneth wayne jennings the third you never put that on your checks. I don't the same reason. That richard winfield garnett the third use it. Oh i thought it sounded important. That's why you objected to that because it applies directly to you. Yeah yeah i would i would. I would have moved up to junior now. Yeah but requires my dad to decide. He wants to be senior. Also he's keeping the to that forces you to keep the three. No he's still junior junior. But that's what forces you. He likes to say that you know. Because i'm always ken jennings in the president. He's ken jennings junior. It's really been a it's not identity crisis and possibly time travel paradox for him. He's he's sounds like the the son of his own son. It's bill gates is a junior. Yes but what The way they differentiated is that His father called himself william gates senior. And that's that's one you don't your father could just become senior. He could if he believed in your manners. Agent of chaos. Everybody moves up one. All the time doesn't that sound better. Ca kenneth wayne jennings senior. You'd be you. He be Just aspiring his whole life to become a senior break out of that junior mole he goes from sounding like a serial killer cowboy to sounding like a bank president kenneth wayne juniors seniors get used less for the first of the name can just leave it off. He's the original. Wash it he. After he's the right man it would be a rhetoric him to call him senior was. He lived his whole life without being a senior until had a child. Change your name just because you named a kid after you you. Don't you already named a kid after you. You've definitely got an inflated sense of yourself. Yeah you know the the tendency to name children after ancestors after their after their genealogical legacy or heritage is really at the core of what created middle names. 'cause morgan is the Is a family name. is that right. Yeah family family surname. Yeah you know. The romans had three names often guys. Julius caesar in they would be. There would be a pre norman which was like your personal name. Guys was julius. Caesar's equivalent of john. Ken and then. Julius is your noman your family name. Oh that that was the equivalent of the surname and the third name which is often what we remember today in the cicero or whatever that was called the cog newman which originally it was kind of nickname later it became kind of supplemental hereditary name to distinguish different branches of the family. You know how you would you know. I have this problem today. i just. I had my brother's family visiting me. That's the that's also the jennings's and then my parents came over from scam to go to the ball game with us a neighbor the jennings is too so i can't tell my sister had the jennings's were staying with us. I because i'm the jennings's so you can say the olympic jennings says or the utah jennings right exactly so. This was. The roman cognitive carcinoma became kind of the equivalent of that. Or if you did something awesome in your life your cognition could become a sign of that like if you wanna battle you could become magnus maximus or something. So your dad is ken. Jennings junior you. Are ken jennings jeopardy jeopardy us is a do you have a do you ever use. No i mean there are some that rod roderick long winters. There's some there's some nicknames that people might apply to me but i'm not going to adopt a myself and as a result you can have. It became fashionable because fads always sprawl to have multiple cog no mona. Where if you accomplished multiple things you would just keep adding names and this seems a little odd to us to have the family name in the middle and then a series of kind of descriptive or delimiting titles. But it's this is the exact same system that's used today and a lot of east african cultures action so it's apparently. There's something intuitive about it. Classroom these bantu people did not get it from reading about cicero well. In hungary the last name is first and that's true in korea to yeah and And china and japan as well. Oh the last name is i really. Oh i didn't realize that. About japan and china. I mean you can say it in. It's commonly anglicised especially for japanese. People would say well t- chiro suzuki but but if they were saying it in the old fashioned way the date of way they would say suzuki each year. You put certain. I i did not know. Maybe that's part of the asian ethos of putting family before self. You literally do it. I wonder about the hungarians because it's not something that happens anywhere else in europe but then of course they aren't from europe tone gary. Don't get me started the hon. Hunted hungry is for hon. Right right for honey honey. I'm home. I'm from franz composer franz liszt or list frogs you would call me since we're both on gary and hello to she halo to she. Tissue tissue tichy. Hello partridge family. Hello to she friend. How about a sad version like a minor key acoustic at hello to she. Is it my tissue looking Hello toshi hello touchy. What's the is the day saying. Hello to your touchy is at the is that what's going on here. Who is speaking in the sentence. Hello toshi the void boy speaking. Hello toshi i l o toshi i would like to recommend a better way to use the toilet toshi touchy. It's the voice of god over here toshi. Hello hello to. She provides a better and more hygienic..

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