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This is John Swift and you're listening to discover Lafayette a podcast dedicated to the people and rich culture of Lafayette's the gateway to South Louisiana. We tape any offices of raiders solutions located in the light center in Lafayette Raider offers a complete fleet of it solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you're wondering if writer can help your business please. Visit Raider Solutions Dot Com. I'd also like to thank Iberia Bank for its support founded in eighteen eighty seven. Ib Area Bank is the largest bank based in Louisiana and is headquartered in Lafayette with the three hundred twenty five combined locations throughout the south they offer the resources of National Bank with the personal touch of a community bank please visit Iberia Bank Dot Com for more information and lastly thank you for the support of Lafayette General Health as a Katy. Anna's largest nonprofit community on regional health system Lafayette General Health is committed to restoring maintaining and improving health in the communities it serves for more information visit. Lafayette General Dot Com Jimmy Media. Mattio is our guest today a graduate of Lsu law school. Jimmy has practice law in Lafayette for thirty three years and is currently with the DAMASIO. Right Roy Edwards is law firm. That firm was established in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven by his uncle. Jimmy Dimaggio well respected by his colleagues. Jimmy has an AV rating in the Martindale. The Peer Review which is the highest rating in legal ability and ethical standards. Jimmy is served on the board of Directors coatesville which is the council for the development of French in Louisiana and currently serves as treasurer of the Francophone section of the Louisiana State Bar Association outside of his work. Jimmy's enjoyed a lifetime of fishing and hunting in the CIA basin and marshes of South Louisiana. He's here today to share the story. About what inspired him to photograph the lush scenery worry that he had taken for granted for so many years. You can view Jimmy..

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