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How many people do not love good barry manilow song i know barry manilow is kind of cheesy but i think at a certain point in the aging process of music click it becomes it becomes cool but everybody goes secretly under your breath everyone is now going to be singing mandy their entire check to work now it's going to be in your ear now great i've i mean cheeses it's not trendy but it's fun i like him i don't tell you a quick story about very mental but i i just tell you why we're discussing barry manilow in california apparently they as we know we've seen the pictures they have a lot of homeless they had so they have a lot of people who camp out on sidewalks and things like that well some rite aid stores in california are trying to dissuade people from hanging out in front of their stores so they blast berry manilow tunes get them to leave does that work i don't know i think it would just lined up with a lot of people's silently humming mandy or whatever wow i feel like my motherinlaw would probably start living at rite aid if barry manilow was playing twenty four seven tell you i kinda dig it so one neighbor said one woman who lives near right it's just it's just a pilot program right now she says i feel trapped in an episode of the twilight zone said i thought some older man had died and left a berries most depressing hits cd on repeat good how are you against berry come on come on who does not love cocoa copa cabana right oh yeah so all right so listen very quick story we read the beach i think it was last summer and we just we suddenly just here my husband just start looking at each other we hear somebody's singing barry manilow but i wanna say it was mandy i don't remember which song it was but this guy singing and so we look around and here's this guy and he's got headphones on and this is a big burly guy and he's got headphones on and he's singing barry manilow and so we just start snickering and everything in his kids are appalled his kids are like dad dad everything so mom sees what's happening mom joins in so now mom and dad are are belt now barry manilow on the beach and everybody's just turning around looking at them and so the kids were little bit older they were making their their teens they just gave up and the whole family just started singing very manilow it was great it was amazing and so you know everybody else in within earshot with silently singing barry manilow to themselves as well it was great so yeah a rite aid spokeswoman said other customers are finding it difficult to enter some of their stores because of loiterers so they started employing a couple of deterrence and one of them is berry manilow there in the early stages of exploring the approach and they have not made any decisions about the potential roll out of this two additional stores yeah it's being used in san diego in hollywood holy cow now i love it well you remember is nine hundred eighty nine member music the united states used it to get manual noriega out of an embassy that's where the idea came blasting music like the rolling stones there's a bunch of options things they were using it back then listen i think i think there are a lot of people who deep down inside love barry manilow and we know all the words people know all the words so deep down inside you kind of like him he's like neil diamond sweet caroline everybody loves that song so it's the same thing i think everyone deep down inside kind of lakes the manilow everyone is a fennel i guess that's right i guess it'd be hard to to be trying to sleep if you're homeless in your alley just outside the rite aid and every time you're listening to sweet caroline you're saying.

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