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That's the worst since a 2012 Romeo Cornell lead. Kansas City Chiefs offense and it's honestly it's Sam. Darnell's Like You said earlier. He hasn't thrown a touchdown. Jim since September. Joe Flacco has actually patted those stats, so they're not as bad as they Really are. I like the Raiders. I do think they have more character than normal. Raiders minus eight half just said that Derek Carr was asked. Yes, he was four turnovers, three fumbles, saying something sucks is not to take, Nor is calling. Somebody asked Big head All right, then. Then you have. This is big head best. We do it every single Friday. Then you've got this critical NFC West matchup between the Rams and cards. You know, I love the cards. They're one of my favorite jungle teams ever. But they've been backing up of late until I see him on the field. Big head. I've got to wonder about Cuyler Murray and how much his shoulder is bothering him. Meantime, you've got the Rams and the Super Bowl caliber defense, but anything but a Super Bowl caliber. Quarterback in Jared Goff. Right now you can have the cards and three if you want them. The question is, do you? I don't Jim, I want the Rams and I wanna give three so I'm gonna take the rands. Look, both are coming off a disappointing games, and I think you're right about that shoulder. I think it's bugging Kyler. That was his worst game of the season against Hood last week. And now he gets possibly the hardest team to play against and throw against the Rams this week. Look, put Jalen Ramsey out there and DeAndre and let Aaron Donald do his thing. And, uh oh, I think the Rams had the clear advantage in the running game and also the cards. They're sloppy now. I mean, they are the most penalized team in the NFL. The Rams are the second least penalized team If God doesn't wet the bed like he has the last four games out. I like the Rams minus three getting comfortable man calling quarterbacks ass saying they wet the.

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