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Buddy deep parade here at halftime they perform and dispel twenty eight to three on the field so ages putting the knife in not on grounds i am following you and i'm just trying to figure out what we did have a widely so bad ride right right right and and so then you been a big bowl eh the owner of then look all the blank the new york times reported this that he was also not happy because the patriots super bowl championship rings featured twenty two order 83 dime home twenty eight two three days or so everybody's given the falcons ahead in or the blank the business so go that way too thin skin to file a complaint with the nfl i just want judgement let's that that that's that's almost embarrassing upon park even do that i get that there is currently one of those things that we're no one they muster saw mr blank howard said he was about the and nobody was against wanted to tell him what he need the here instead of what he wanted to hear nobody feel comfortable enough a confident enough within themselves on to say i you give me a like a islam well now was going to happen they're just going to eglin more eight hundred is grateful around it just more on this side of things there's some somebody she said mr blank you waste and now you complaining about the patriots to come out that that that that you can't be a snowflake that you can be then solve we're speaking of snow it is cold where the super bowl years in there is a good thing is played inside our own robert perreault the saint radio network is in minneapolis he's covering bowl fifty two is actually work in super bowl fifty two he's of they're giving us a weather report against is given of the world report outside because with seventy four degrees inside the dome robert god is a beautiful 74 right now but it's a balmy seventeen degrees and snowing zone how much knows underground rob there's not too much on the ground there you could see a lot of build up with their expecting about six inches today let's give me a little bit of a mess but the today's actually a lot warmer it was mind is.

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