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We are back now with more, of our conversation with former secretary. Of education Arne Duncan, good to have you on we've been talking about. This book you just wrote an in it You're very critical of the state of our schools right now you say, there's a. Lot more work to? Be done one specific criticism you say it's there's a distinction between. Proficiency and growth when you're measuring how students actually perform ISE. Not everyone understands that including the current secretary of education. Betsy DeVos what do you mean so I'm interested in is, how much students are improving each, year so proficiency, is, just an. Absolute basis where you are today, I wanna know how much you're getting better each year so if you're learning to use. A, material for years instruction that's amazing work by the. Child but more importantly great great work but that teacher we have to we need to recognize that? Reward that pretty basic concept for folks who work in education unfortunately the current secretary of education. Didn't understand that one and what exactly is it that you think she is. Failing to. Understand or follow through on. Here because she has kept a. Number of the Obama administration programs It's interesting you probably. On the news is from us is a crazy metaphor that, week ago her yacht was found, adrift forty million, dollar, yacht just. Out there and for me that's, sort of represents where they are in terms of education policy there isn't one what is. Your, personal wealth have to do it doesn't have anything. To do with that it's just it hurt the policies adrift there's nothing out there of substance we? Should have some concrete goals as a nation I would argue High quality access to pre cake for every single child. We got high school graduation rates to eighty four percent they should be trying to get that to ninety percent we should. Try to lead the world in college completion none of those are on the radar they talk about small things and that for me is selling our nation's short this is? A, great educations are, way to have a stronger economy we have to educate our way to better economy you don't hear any of that we. Don't have big goals that should be bipartisan. Nonpartisan one of the things that they current secretary has been, an advocate for in the past or school vouchers also school choice what is it specifically that you. Have, a problem with when it. Comes to using some. Of these public fundings in essence to allow Sinn students to go to private schools yes I, think again public money should be used to support public schools and. That could be, traditional schools that could be high performing charter schools I don't care. The name of. The school I just want more high performing? Schools less dropped out fast come as a. Reflection in some ways of greater parental. Involvement if they're trying to take. That option I we're all for parental involvement I. Think public Don Should be used to support high quality public. Education the vast majority of our children in our nation. Always have and always will go to public schools we. Have to make sure those are absolutely strongest possible I. Should I think we need a different. Model we need to think about a a pre k. to fourteen model we've. Had a k. through twelve model for one hundred years I think. That's a little outdated we have to start earlier. A high school diploma is great. Is not enough you've got to think about some form. Of higher education community college for universities beyond that as well in the book you make a point that we're not training. Children to enter the current workforce it's more sort of factory worker mentality what is it that you think needs to be added here how we think critically how we work? In, teams how we, solve problems those are the kinds of skills that all employers have looking for not rote memorization not just in class you'll. Memorizing thanks and again this wears these are. Places where we could go much much, further and do it, with a real sense of urgency for me the competition is. In other countries is can we do. It, or he ourselves if we. Can do that are Extrordinary. We just have to give them a better chance we have to. Meet them halfway when you were secretary. Of education the tragedy in sandy hook happened we've seen yet another. Tragedy on President Trump's watch now Marjory stoneman Douglas shooting and. Those teenagers have become very politically. Active on the heels of. That but equally very little change at the federal. Level all really at the local is that what the expectations should be that communities have to figure. Out how to fix this issue themselves no I think we all have to do this and. I will say Margaret this is our. I think our greatest failing is that we don't value the? Lives of our children, children other nations don't die, like they do here. And the sandy hook massacre was the worst day of President Obama's. Presidency was our, worst day there he, went out the. Next day, to visit families the vice president I went down a couple of days later none of us ever anticipated twenty babies. And five, teachers and a principal being slaughtered in, the fact that we got nothing done zero in terms of gun, legislation After that is heartbreaking. I've been very pessimistic on. That issue but the students in parkland Florida have given me a real sense of hope in young people? Whether, it's in parkland with it spec home Chicago beyond people I'm working with, here in DC. As I said earlier we've raised a generation of teens on mass shootings on gun. Violence we have failed as adults and parents to protect them and they're saying they're not going to tolerate and I'm actually very very hopeful the young. People are going to lead our nation where we. As adults have. Failed to take them and that's a place. Free of trauma and free. Of fear the book is how schools work Arne Duncan thank you very much for joining us we'll be right back with our panel Eighty. Seven degrees, partly cloudy at the broadcast center in. Spring garden heading down to seventy five News time nine thirty, two traffic and, transit on the twos and as we take a look into the Mealey's furniture jam, Kansas styles you'd love for less a lot of things status quo right now across the, region seventy six eastbound Schuylkill, expressway got. A crash in the left lane right at the boulevard four fifty two market street Delaware County that is closed in both directions between meeting house in ninety. Five for an accident crash. Investigation a little further, north on ninety five at south broad street that exit is also closed now westbound Schuylkill. Expressway dealing with heavy volume from pass young up to the vine vines shoot expressway. Real slow coming off of ninety five actually really sluggish across the, city over the Schuylkill expressway also four twenty two westbound dealing with left lane construction between two oh two. And twenty three that's making for a tight and slow squeezed through that area in New Jersey, Atlantic City expressway westbound. Slow from the, tolls through over two seventy three than in similar. Ville slow there as well west stepford fifty five northbound slow with.

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