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Emiko on the Westwood One NCWA radio network that would do it as LSU win sixty-nine sixty seven over the turps to advance to the Sweet Sixteen and so the Tigers despite their head coach will way being suspended indefinitely. Amidst in FBI investigation into college hoops corruption able to advance to the round of sixteen number seven Wofford falling short to seed Kentucky, sixty to fifty six to seek Michigan handling kency Florida, sixty four forty nine Florida state routes Murray state ninety sixty two top seed, Gonzaga facing number nine Baylor right now. And it's all zags thus far. They're a big over the bears. Meanwhile, it is Michigan state up big on ten seed Minnesota thirty three sixteen they are late in the first half. And it's number three. Perdue of thirteen eight number six Villanova just a few minutes into the first half in Hartford last game of the evening. Coming up. We'll be number five Auburn and number four, Kansas highlanders. Double up the flyers for Philly. Josh bailey. The go ahead goal with just under four minutes to go. And he ended up with two goals for the game. Rangers and Maple Leafs are at the end of two periods. They are scoreless in Toronto Yankees fell to the Blue Jays. Seven three GIO Gonzalez struggling in his debut though for the Yanks allowing five runs on four hits over to and the Mets. Jacob degrom with three scoreless frames as they route the bridge twelve to inlay lake Avista sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jacob wilkins. Tension win sports wins. News time, eight forty seven. One.

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