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Because both these teams could be going under some people. I believe that if the Packers don't make the playoffs that's probably from Mike McCarthy, and he's been with Arron Rogers to a Super Bowl win from more than a decade now with the passing of Paul Allen is going to be somebody else's going to own Seattle. And maybe somebody's going to say the Pete Carroll. You've had enough time. Charleston say I'm here. Anyway, maybe. USC at this point. I think we may be looking at change for both those teams, what do you think I think so we can be talking about a double knockout, you know, that rare situation where even the winner this game. Yeah. There could be such a Trish in. They don't look like New Orleans, Tony they don't they don't. And so that's sort of standard right now in the NFC heart attack of the Packers being out that would make me happy though, the Philadelphia seventy Sixers loss last night in Jimmy Butler debut Butler had fourteen points and four rebounds. But a mediocre Orlando team pulled away late and beat the Sixers. Meanwhile, the timber wolves to those since the left Karl Anthony towns had twenty five points and sixteen rebounds. And Minnesota the good Team New Orleans. We'll another any judgments you feel comfortable making about this juxtaposition, not permanent ones. But the early returns would suggest as we already thought Karl Anthony towns Wiggins, which is rather be free of Jimmy Butler. I think they were chafing now. That's what the short term results might suggest. I I don't know how feel about it. I mean, we still got to see how the two new members. Covington charge are going to fit in a longer space in Minnesota. And the Sixers Tony look I expect Jimmy Butler defined his legs pretty quickly by like the next game. Again, I don't need to make a grand declaration here. But unlike some others, I think that this trait is going to be really good for Philadelphia and not so bad for Minnesota at least. So we spend a lot of time talking about Jimmy Butler. I am suffering from Jimmy Butler fatigue. I know you're not because you loved him when he was with with the bulls. But I would ask you how many championships he won. And the answer is none. I mean, what has he truly accomplished? And the answer is he's been a pretty good player. His problem with the Sixers, and he should make them much better. Because he is good player. His problem with the Sixers. It's not gonna be him. It's gonna be Embiid and Simmons react to him. And if it gets too bad situation, the situation in Minnesota was toxic. They are much better without him. That doesn't mean they're a great team. It means without him much better. Carl Anthony towns for example, fifty game seven rebounds and shooting sixty four percent over these two games. Jimmy Butler had to go there might if they both end up. Let's say finishing fourth or fifth in their conferences going to look bad for Jimmy Butler. Not Adelphia Tony Philadelphia. Head better finish fourth in its conference because third or fourth because that's how good they ought to. They should be. Okay. So that's the team. To play their two players, right? They too good. Tony. Minnesota's gonna struggle to make the playoffs. We'll say new players are not what. Speaking of watch watch out. Maybe it's time to break up. The lakers. They won their fourth straight last night winning at home against Portland. So now they've won six out of seven and look the fish it if not dominant, but Rajon Rondo figures to be out at least a month with a broken hand. Tony is that going to slow the Lakers role or does the bronze performance and the teams convince you that their biggest struggles are behind them instead of delayed reaction for Rondo after punching Chris Paul in the head that you find all these are there are there troubles behind them not necessarily not just yet. But LeBron James makes every team that he plays on better. He tinkers with every team and often not always but often that team gets better. What I would tell you significant is this before LeBron James to the Lakers. I believe they have lost sixteen straight games to Portland and in the opener this year, they lost Portland, but beating them two in a row..

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