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Following up active leads right now. Had nothing to do necessarily with canyon springs high school other than that it was on the northwest property line out west of the baseball fields. Paul Manafort has been tried to negotiate a plea deal for the past few weeks to resolve his second trial. The Washington Post is reporting the former Trump campaign chairman is talking with federal prosecutors about a plea CBS news legal analyst stained Rosen bound the Virginia case involved Bank in tax fried the second trial in Washington DC has elements of a conspiracy against the United States with money laundering, failing to register as a lobbyist and witness tampering. All with Russian overtones, these charges look much more like collusion with the Russians that the president has so far repeatedly denied CBS this morning anchor. Gayle king says that in the interests of transparency CBS corporation must make its report on sexual misconduct allegations against former CEO. Les Moonves says public? How can we have this investigation? And not know how it comes out less moon base has been on the record. He says, listen, he didn't do these things that it was consensual that he hasn't hurt anybody's career. And I would think it would be in his best interest for us to hear what the report finds out buzz CBS board has not yet determined whether or not it will make that public. This is CBS news. Progressive will compare rates for you. So you get the best deal. Even if it's not with us, saving you time and money now that's progressive. Call or click today. It's eleven oh three at the bay area's news station, KCBS hazy sunshine, tomorrow, highs in the sixties and seventies. A pleasant fall day. I'm John Evans, and here's what's happening preparations for hurricane Florence and its impact on the Carolina coastline stretch all the way here to the bay area. KCBS is Holly Quantel has specialized rescue team based in Oakland arrive today in North Carolina. A team of sixteen from California task force for activated by FEMA to bring six water rescue boats to wear up to two feet of rains expected. Oakland. Fire battalion chief Robert manages the team and says when it's fire season here. It's hurricane season there. You know, when you see these things building in you know, that there's a chance new start getting everything ready. If this was, you know, complete surprise would take longer to get to get rolling and get out the door. They should be able to make it in advance of Florence making landfall if at all. Awesome. What we'd like to be there before it hits? However, if we don't what we'll do is. We'll find a place to shelter until the storm passes over and then we'll get back on the road and get to where we needed the Oakland team is made up a fire personnel from Oakland. Alameda, Livermore, Santa Rosa and Fremont fire departments as well as Alameda, and contra Costa counties, deployment could last as long as three weeks, depending on the storm's impact in Oakland. Holy kwan. KCBS airlines are already canceling flights ahead of hurricane. Florence south west cancelled flights today to and from Charleston American Council some of its American Eagle regional flights for tomorrow and Thursday, Charleston international in South Carolina, also tweeted that it expects runways to close about twenty four hours from now late tomorrow night governor Jerry Brown says that he most likely will sign into law a bipartisan Bill on responding to wildfires. He says that he backs controversial measures to protect. Big utility companies against liability costs from fire damage. I wouldn't use the word bailout. The fact is this Bill is intended to make sure that PG any other utilities can shoulder any fire liabilities. Let me get in the billions and billions of dollars and still be in business to serve their customers. Governor Brown also said the state and federal officials need to do a better job of managing our forests and eliminating fuels, including millions of dead trees, the Irving fire in and around Samuel p Taylor park. In Marin county is thirty five percent contained tonight. All evacuation orders have been lifted and roads have been reopened the fire has burned about one hundred fifteen acres. No one's been hurt. And no structures have.

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