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Simply drags them down and then they just you can't play up to their ability so is it possible that when you put josh allen with the he looks physically he's the second coming of ben rothlisberger and and i saw a really there's an interesting article out there if you want to read in the cleveland plain dealer obviously they're doing a lot of work on the quarterbacks cleveland dot com and mary kay cabinet and others writing about this that there is an assistant coach with wyoming who can interesting little thing here i think he's coaching tight ends among in another position but he's a tight ends coach with university of wyoming and he actually was the quarterback for the miami of ohio for a football team that ben rothlisberger was on and he was the quarterback rothlisberger when rough rough rough burs freshman year and rothlisberger sat on the bench and the skype is the quarterbacks that he got to practice with and see ben rothlisberger and he was now an assistant coach on a team with josh allen so he has i obviously firsthand knowledge of both and made the comparison and sees the comparison between both players now if you're telling me the josh allen was some coaching and better talented around him can be the next ben rothlisberger then yeah he's projecting better than anybody else in this class what i worry about i worry about the decision making i maybe the decision making is a little slower than some of the other players i worry about the accuracy of josh allen and are you gonna have.

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