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Not just looking. The closing is part of the bag. Have you seen this logo. Knows the questions already know. You'd never see I into Miami though you never know what that is. Whatever okay do not know how to play the game? I'm closing. Don't say Allie. Sorry do you know what this is or have you seen this logo before. Now you don't know what the club girl knows. I Will Miami one time. I thanks to Miami Ninety four or five times this. You don't know what this is. Okay you know what that is yes. Hey what is it. It's a strip strip club that thought if you saw somebody wearing a shirt or a hat with that logo would it impress you what would you what would you think what would come to your mind if you say. Is it a guy I look. I'm a dude wearing a hat. That's eleven a little weird that care. Why is it weird like people just don't Wear Strip club merged? Thank you thank you but she knew what it was I did it was on. They went to on Jersey Charles. Manson doesn't make it cool. They went on Jersey Shore Jersey Shore. Yeah we went there first and then when we were in Miami we went to like a club across the street from lament. You went to I know you went to the the one the ten o'clock in the morning. It's yeah you have to be on some shit. It was ten warehouses. which is the one we went to club? That's a warehouse. Yeah it's weird that one. We have more people if people come so okay the you know any guys I would wear a strip club hat and then be impressed when they see another guidance. Triple that in Jersey Yeah probably on the Jersey shore yeah not like not at Princeton University versity clarify what Jersey. I wouldn't go up to them to be like. Wow that's hysterical hat but I would like wearing give money to naked ladies. How cool well you know but the thing is it's not just a strip club it's an actual experience? It's a twenty four seven place and there's more women there that show up guys is. He's practicing for his girlfriend when she is honey. It's true it's an experience they have aren't on the wall really now. Hold on articles alley continue. I'm pretty sure they went here here. On real housewives of Orange County the girls would try to give away like bucket hats and short. Yeah so they took them and they wear them the rest of their vacation to Miami or weird. If I was wearing an eleven hat I would judge you thank you what would you say any guy where something from a strip club. Cluny if you're just looking at it and you said it was a show club now known sown. You would think you visit eleven. Yeah sure my point was it would go over everybody's head so you don't know but if you know you're in on me and now Jesse my first when I saw that was seven eleven redo its logo literally. That's what I thought the point is. You're saying scary the only people that would know that will give you. The wink are cool. Other due to go to strip clubs and women or me I I know what you give them the link. I don't think so. It gets a little creepy. I have thought flashed. It's not like Okay Delilah. Is Dan okay. If you're if if you're driving down the road right and you're in a nice. Let's say you're in a Red Porsche. You pull up next to someone in a Red Porsche. You looking at me go. Hey man yeah right. If you're on a shitty banged up Saturn and some comes up to the light next to you to sheedy banged up Saturn. You both give. That look like this is our lives. Were shitty banged up Saturday. You don't go to banged up Saturn. Yeah you get even is not. That's a terrible analogy very poor because eleven is actually a very upscale place where women take your clothes off and other women show up because it's the end if the night ender in Miami. It's the official place to end your night. Four five six in the morning are showing up or I checked. He's going to have a life and you have a family and friends to hang out with you. Don't need to complete your night at a strip club will listen. I like going to strip clubs. I'm not saying it's a bad things. The women who stripped at a great feat. That doesn't make it any. Look you go on your clubs. Yeah they're fun. Without were the law would if they gave Alley and eleven hat she would abso fucking lutely be wearing in a baskin robbins. Ice Cream be wearing. WHO's it probably wouldn't be wearing it or at least a hot mess alley alley just handed you eleven.

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Miami, Jersey Shore Jersey Shore, Miami Ninety discussed on The Brooklyn Boys Podcast

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