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There could be no Siegfried without Roy in Norway without surgery that CBS's Danya Bacchus reporting from LA well chronic stress can be exhausting an around the clock demands on parents during this pandemic can feel overwhelming so some experts say take a quick break parents are also putting kids in time out sometimes we need to give ourselves a time out Laura gray is a pediatric clinical psychologist at children's national hospital she recommends taking a few deep breaths picture someplace calm and relaxing tightening and relaxing muscles a positive calming mantra something like I can do this it will be okay when parental stresses begin feeling overwhelming grace is focusing on the negative makes you feel more out of control and can make those emotions get bigger positive self talk helps us to feel more calm and identify the things we can do that we can control the situation and find resources gray recommends that WTOP dot com search parents Kristy king WTOP news is there a mom you'd like to celebrate the Sunday well you can power up soon or head to your down with a nice bottle of wine to toast her moms are special they carry their progeny for nine months deliver them which is a true labor of love and raise them until they go away it's a big job so thank her and I've got a few ideas of some winds it just might be a good mother's day gift here of course he does WTOP wine pretty Scott Greenberg suggests toasting her with something sparkly like a beautiful sparkling wine with fresh aromas of strawberry and red currant leading to wonderful flavors of ripe strawberry little juicy watermelon and red raspberry he says it's good mostly because it's the non vintage Segura of utis brute or as a cover from Spain he loves the vibrant notes of red cherry and of course the bubbles but the price is right to twelve Bucks and in case.

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