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Four people. Eighty six remain unaccounted for on wednesday. A grand jury agreed to investigate the buildings collapse in minneapolis. Dr darnell frazier the teenager. Whose recording of. George floyd murder was seen around the world says. Her uncle was struck and killed by a police car during a car. Chase her uncle forty year old. Lineal lamont frazier was not involved in the chase. Darnell frazier said of the tragedy quote. Another black man lost his life in the hands of the police. Today has been day full of heartbreak and sadness. The police made a bad decision by doing a high speed chase on a residential road. That bad decision costs my uncle. His life she wrote in new york governor. Andrew cuomo has declared a gun violence emergency. The state is allocating nearly one hundred. Forty million dollars to programs aimed at gun crimes including increasing access to employment the new york times reports gun. Crime rose by as much as seventy five percent in major new york city since the start of the pandemic the new measures will also open a path for civil lawsuits against gun manufacturers and distributors and shops people with an stops people with warrants from purchasing firearms and the united kingdom's high court has granted the biden administration the right to appeal a lower court's ruling blocking the extradition of wikileaks. Founder julian assange to the united states. This comes as the wall street journal reports. Us officials have given assurances to the uk. The julian assange would not be held in a supermax prison. If extradited to the united states on wednesday scientists fiancee stella marris called on the biden administration. To end its pursuit of julian assange be lawyers of julian were spied on their officers. Were broken into even our six month. Old baby was targeted while he was in the embassy and now the high court has limited the grounds on which they are allowed to appeal. So the case is falling..

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