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NPR news New York conversation live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly a vote is expected today in the house on the latest corona virus aid package the cost is more than three trillion dollars a third of the money would go to states and cities the bill includes hazard pay for essential workers another round of direct payments to individuals and families and more money for testing here's house speaker Nancy Pelosi has a strategic plan a strategic plan for testing tracing treating and isolating it's what this country needs to defeat the covert nineteen virus the relief package also extends higher unemployment benefits through January Senate Republicans say the bill contains too much spending on related to the pandemic many businesses in New York Maryland and Virginia are re opening today amid the corona virus pandemic New York City is excluded as our counties near Washington DC and Virginia's capital Richmond then pave your with member station VPM has more the governors of Maryland and Virginia carved out exemptions for the DC suburbs where cases remain much higher than the rest of the state that's still earlier than Washington DC which remains under lockdown until June eighth Virginia governor Ralph Northam is also delaying re opening Richmond and real action that county where cases are on the rise some national parks in Pennsylvania are also re opening this is NPR news and this is W. NYC or minor folks yet in some parts of New York are re opening today in phases we will have more on that and what is opening where here in New York coming away about ten minutes here on morning edition New Jersey's labor department has cleared another one hundred and thirty nine thousand unemployment claims from its backlog officials say anyone who is eligible and applying for benefits by April twelfth has now been processed governor Phil Murphy address the growing frustration with the delays during his daily briefing yesterday know that the enormous amount of progress has been and continues to be made and that you will get every single penny that's coming to you including the federal piece the department has been hit with more than one million claim since the pandemic swept through the state though the bloody ministration here in New York City is ushered hundreds of homeless new Yorkers out of the subway system newly released numbers suggest the overwhelming majority of them are ending up back on the street or even subways W. my sis my life rack has more the subway started closing during the night a week ago mayor de Blasio says more than eight hundred people have accepted services since then but most didn't spend even one night in a shelter he said only a hundred people have continued to sleep in shelters but still the blood your calls it a step in the right direction just getting to the door of a shelter is a beginning the mayor says it often takes many attempts before people accept a shelter placement a federal judge in Brooklyn is urging both sides to consider mediation in a case involving whether the metropolitan detention center is doing enough to stop the spread of the corona virus W. my sis Beth Fertig explains after nearly two days of testimony judge Rachel Kovner said she was disinclined to order the release of three plaintiffs with underlying medical issues because she couldn't conclude there was no way of keeping them safe but she expressed concern over how the federal jail in Brooklyn response to inmates seeking medical attention she asked the parties to think about talking to a mediator about that and other issues and she said it seemed both parties wanted some of the same things such as providing enough disinfectant and masks and she asked if they could agree on what's been accomplished the judge could still rule on whether an injunction is needed to force the jail to.

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