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They they use that what an of separate themself from gay kohler generators actual yet islam is almost homophobic that would sexual because that opec was the ministry leprince proud if he would be mature sexual the abacha says whom i would just be a man who cares about his appearance quote unquote and prince's deafening radical like sede farther than fent feminine quality yes exactly lashings footprints is homophobic jonathan yes oh principle he's made homophobic comments oca had been gay up his own forward and so why do we need to take didn't collapse a man being viewed assassin feminine quality mattress king sat oldest fucking is a way to separate from gayness yeah it berger as well i think anyway it that yom little good donalda anyway alibaba's will on shaping um sexwale's as runs you odyssey i guess it's more just to the people can be so the people can find a place for themselves because rashidi i didn't race this big on labels big on what we call ourselves and how we call ourselves seventy just be i think i think that's probably what is like well if you're not this thing they laughed at that then you this and if you're not that can be created wet for one as a solemn my understand it my whole thing is that my own opponent with these labels is that who is creating them you will get in your yard essentially getting your identity from academics who have never really stepped into your welton bakery labels for all of the they're looking at us live in our lives in saint okay so this group of people alkoud this distribute people okuda and then we're like yes that's my label boom yeah they'd i'm here i want athletes me but you'll get in your you'll kenya i your cyncially getting your identity from academics who sit in universities and whatnot right in pieces upon thesis about you but they don't know you but as much as i want to blaming.

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