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Tiger had his ultimate rival dipped federer joe kebich you could tell your like butts but four years ago and tennis you're like oh my god this this is mcenroe on board it doesn't last forever the nfl three years ago they introduced draft kings member either to deliver to fantasy cardi's draft kings and fendell this was two to three years ago so those hit what does did is they took my sister casual people who didn't watch suddenly dove into the football pool for about a year and then they were like oh i can't win this and then they dove rightback out so the we had this two or three year fantasy football now i'm not saying people don't play it but remember when drafting came out and my show was 25 draft kings read they will it was xu bad lie right on the air for commercials and for about two year period america my sister casual fans jumped into fantasy football and then after two years of spending money and not winning they're like came out on benazir football and that audience has peeled off and people talked about the nfl as a tv show turned into a tv show right that's what people kept saying because the numbers were so big sunday night football was big and all that and i think it at as low as any other show at some point there's a ceiling for everything and i think that they've gotten greedy and they need to really take a look at it and i think that's what executives of telling the nfl is that you've got a peel back a little bit to make people watch your product not to just habit everywhere in every situation so that it's not special i remember as a kid monday night football special you know why does the only place we could see outta town highlight you remember yacht howard cosell people over realize that that was the only place you could get you went into halftime of the gang yes to get the three minute howard cosell highlights that was it that was all you got.

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