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A 35, now in Wisconsin has certified. Joe Biden is the state's winner in the presidential election of partial recount of votes added to Biden's victory in that state, Wisconsin Election Commission chief election officer making, Wolf says all the complaints brought before the commission have been analyzed any heirs that were identified during the initial canvass. Were brought to the attention of the county who then reconvened to correct their mistakes. The statement before you was canvassed, and no heirs were identified now. Arizona also finalized its vote count. Yesterday. All six states were President Trump has contested his defeat have now certified their results. President Elect Yo Biden continues to fill out his incoming administration with an emphasis on diversity. After introducing an all female communications team over the weekend, President elect Joe Biden will today announced Janet Yellen as the first woman to lead the Treasury Department and Neera Tanden will be the first woman of color to be nominated to leave the office of Management and Budget. Though the Republican lawmakers say she's been too harsh on Twitter towards the GOP If Republicans they're concerned about criticism on Twitter. Their complaints or better directed at President Trump. Was made a hobby out of denigrating Republican senators on Twitter. Deborah Alpher own CBS NEWS Washington president elect Biden is reportedly considering former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to service his transportation secretary, Progressive leaders in the Democratic Party, including New York Congresswoman Alexandria, a Casio Cortez. Have been especially vocal in criticizing the prospect of him joining the Cabinet. They point to Emmanuel's handling of the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald, McDonald of black teenager killed by a white officer during his time as Chicago's mayor, coming up a controversial member of the president's coronavirus task force has resigned. It's a 37. Something's air. Just true. Like your local Geico agent could save you hundreds and also clowns make terrible hair.

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