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Their families will be flocking to a federal office next Wednesday night. The annual night of science or not at the U.S. patent and trademark office in Alexandria is a big hit with families from our region. It's awesome. It's just so fun to see everyone running from table to table to see what new activity they're going to do next. Juan Valentin education program adviser with the USPTO says the event in cooperation with leading Hispanics in stem is about inspiring students to see themselves in the stem field and the connection to his agency. People think of protection when it comes to intellectual property, because essentially you are, you're protecting one's creations of the mind. However, before you can protect, you need to what? You need to create. Kate Ryan, WTO news. The first cell phones were big and bulky and the only made calls. Then they started morphing into the handheld computers we all carry now on our purses and pockets. So let's dig into its history and talk to the man who said it all in motion. On this day in 1973, Marty Cooper, now 94 made the call that would forever be a part of history. It was the very first successful cell phone call. So who did this engineer at Motorola call? His competition at bell. And I said, Joel, I'm calling you on a cell phone. A real cell phone. During his interview with The Today Show, he says it was a proud moment. You could tell that I would not averse to rubbing it in. And Cooper says he expects to see the cell phone continue to evolve. Most of what you do is social media texting, talking on the phone. The future of this cell phone is much more complicated and much more bright than that. Melissa how old WTO

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