Randy Newman discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast - Episode 831 - Randy Newman


Some people have called wtf a form of therapy but dr cats is the true professional this is the place where comedians finally get the help they need the new episode with weird al is there now folks who isn't a doctor cats the audio files available exclusively now at audible dot com slash dr cats at audible dot com slash d r k a tez dig it oh there's one other guy in the immense with a mentioned where how come i just went by that brian junior high outlet yeah and so i got his both suspended i i should have done my homework in studied as opposed to cheat off of your paper at shame around that the shame knows a lesson and it was a an incredible moral compromise on my part and i'll never forget it and i am sorry hope everything worked out for you i personally enjoyed the few days off but but that was that was bullshit and yet i feel bad okay randy newman one of my heroes and i've been trying to get him in here for a long time and i just i was just so excited to talk to him and he was any came he's got a new record out called the dark matter which is great it's like a it's like a real randy newman record uh from back in the day it's gonna be out on august fourth and it also i i guess he did recently did some sort of trump pena song i did not he this this was recorded a little while ago couple of weeks maybe and so that wasn't on the radar yet but we did talk about how he would handle the topic of trump in one of his songs because he is a great satirists and a very a bright guy sharp i love talking to him i then this is the first time i've ever done this.

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