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Year Charlie harder come on the last call mom says five six and ten year old daughters were dropped more than four miles from home by their school bus driver who said who she says then refused to take them back to school girls got help to call the school from workers at a nearby Fred Meyer store that Rebecca Horton says they told her right I thought I was never see you again six year old to call public schools says the driver for first student was a substitute who violated his training and won't drive in Tacoma again a spokesperson says there's just no way to defend what happened one person is dead following what's being described as a crash involving a wrong way driver on five twenty in Bellevue late this morning trooper creek in Rick Johnson with the Washington state patrol says a man driving a Chevy truck the wrong way on the eastbound side of the road hit a motorcycle near ninety second the truck continues traveling the wrong way and ended up on the shoulder of the eastbound lanes just east of eighty four the motorcycle rider was killed in the crash which closed the road for more than two hours at last check investigators still trying to figure out what happened it is time eight thirty four triple a traffic every ten minutes on the force used channel Fulton in one still still watching a crash on southwest California it's got the north bound right lane open but the southbound lanes as well as the northbound left plane are still closed because of the crash with emergency crews there on the scene in seatac watch for crash on the highway five eighteen ramp to southbound five it's got the ramp backed up any can't we're still want you could still on south on highway one sixty seven just before two seventy seven street blocking the left lane traffic is just a solid breakout from eighty fourth Avenue south of the scene our next come all traffic at eight forty four general o'donnell has the forecast hi everybody is porn back it's out there in some spots expect more the same into our Friday night it will be what it.

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