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Missed is like i'd be like the rip van winkle of radio got out of it a certain time then fell asleep for twenty some odd years and then go back and expected to be exactly the same but it wouldn't be right first of all. My voice would be a tape computer and it was the question. Would you go back. Terrestrial radio would you try satellite or internet or a pandora. I would try anybody who would have great music and talked. Great folks. Great music stephen hill. That's fascinating statement. Humane there because i know the thing is that you know i understand that i mean this is almost like a relationship like do you think with your heart or do you think with your brain and lately. I've been accused of this like cats always kind of joke. Like oh you're such a suit your suit meaning really. Yeah yeah yeah no just well. I'll tell you why after you a suit. Yeah i think you think like oh okay. That's interesting but why do my suit is accusing me of being a suit. Y'all innocent shared so you get. Where does that come from. What what they mean about it. Yours thing number one. I'm see i. Don't i get offended. The idea of me being over calculating or overthinking really. Didn't come into play. Until like i think like a pitch work review of the tipping point. I mean slowly. And only because pitchfork was such the emperor's new clothes of a record criticism that other critics would see what pitch for saying may. Were start that was like the forecast immensely between two thousand five and two thousand eight. I started seeing. you know. He over thinks everything. Which i'm an okay. Granted like it's lazy journalism. We you just see what they say man you paraphrase it but then i personally got offended because i just felt like why is the black guy like why do i have to be accused of thinking too much but the thing is that i feel like life is science on science. Or you're going to go on faith. Okay you christianity science. And i'm not saying. I don't believe in faith but i believe in science i believe in numbers and i believe in and i believe in circles and i believe in transparency patterns. And somehow i don't know..

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