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Biggest place like steve like we don't even know if we could fit in steve's jeans is topic commerce always small frame but he eats like whatever pasta those are my favorites she's like every day in it's so annoying because she's like i you know we just can't us girls we can't eat that way but steep can i'm i'm into into the the frame frame if i'm trying to get to know you look good that's not a thing but often dudes uncomfortably how big old boy are you it's tribute to just the prank call but how what are five ten up six foot that's all i mean six foot and and hundred fifty pounds wow so you're tall goals trying to because i was at six foot one fifty two to drop some weight for and they made fun of me so much forty seven no no i did not making your goal no sob line and then amy started wearing my shirts to be funny and so she was like let me wear your shirt's so i'm with you dude you'll agree that makes me feel better that's how i look i'm happy with that i don't think either of us can play for the penguins but we could we could be a music industry for sure the same man steve moakler the same over here you have been announced on monday that's right we're going to be your room announcing our hometowns and campgrounds tour going to that now go ahead okay so now i never make you one of the stuff's may be bobby's house doing has been planning now here's the thing if you want to come over to the house because i may be having a labor day party at the house you come to come okay but st refer airstream back there just you and but amy steve played at your kids when they came yeah well i mean yes we all we all had everyone had like walker hayes is there and eric has lane steve so they all guitars and they all what would you change oh i played the miley cyrus hardy usa hit with the kids i love that song i don't i and it was pretty rusty performance but people talking about it still calling about that performance still still talking about amy's kids homecoming moakler is here steve they call stephen love them to everything we saw the other night in stevenson saw the airstream and he was like i wanna ride in that and i was like we can't ride in it while it's moving as kind of dangerous surround now you can't you truck in the back and forth all time did you really oh walking so what i'm from to get pretty well pots pay allen i live wild about the crazy thing i've done in my life is writing in a moving camper shell camper camper okay listen steve moga we'd be here all day let me encourage everyone to check out steve's record born ready that's on board i like crazy does myself maybe no suitcase in back in the day big fan of yours thank you bobby fanny too much great hair thank you this guy what he has oh great hair he said greg was a couple in their great couple they're asking about big because i'm thirty is that an incorrect answer you know i guess it was not what you've ever call her banana talking age steve moakler good to see you thanks to handle here what's your handle at steve moakler m o k elliara stephen polar like you thank you very much for coming thanks so we'll see bobby bones show story said but it's also kind of reminder i enjoy things so i thought share it with you guys they call them the great garrett underpants the kit from iowa why they call him because he hates wearing pants or hate it yeah did you say died right oh yes so did you see the story though it's it's it is we my gosh it's the precious like it's heartbreaking 'cause you know we've lost another child to cancer but the ways family went about it and his funeral plans and what he wants is so precious before he died he asked for five bounce houses at a memorial service one for.

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