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Sales event christiaan toyota route twenty three north in pompton plains new jersey here's the baseball luis severino david price starters the series finale tonight it's the yankees and red sox at the stadium on the fan yankee pregame at seven twenty five the red sox with the eleven nothing victory last night meantime the mets and marlon so wind up their series in miami stephen manson dance are your starters they are marlins put the five two victory on saturday it's the cubs and twins fourteen nine chicago victory yesterday at wrigley field cubs had twenty hits in that game but minnesota losing three players duty heat illness eddie rosario bobby wilson and max kepler all left early due to the intense heat the cup said it was ninety six degrees with a heat index of one zero seven one rosario left in the bottom half of the in world cup soccer is one nothing spain over russia at the forty minute and lebron james did have contact with the cleveland cavaliers about nba free agency lebron james opting out of his contract he is in los angeles and not to speak with anyone yet there he's reportedly in la as the lakers are after him as well with reports every twenty minutes this is john minko wfan twenty twenty sports the world cup on socks maybe happening halfway around the world you're connected to it in your dna perhaps you've heard of the brilliance of rinaldo part of your dna originated in portugal or maybe your dna.

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