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On his nomination to be the Biden administration's labor secretary. 10 03 a road check. Now the Subaru retailers of New England or we'll drive traffic on the three years. Steve. What's she looking at? Well, we're looking at some issues north of the city, don Right now. 1 28 North jammed through Wakefield, A two car crash right after North have 93 North Watch for a single car crash in the right lane and Wilmington and By exit 39 That's Concord Street. 93. South. Double Right lane closures slows you down from the fellas with a route 60 in Medford, west of Town. No trouble on the pike or 2 94 95,000 Hopkinton. You're slowing down for road work by the pike south of the city Expressways, an easy ride then and Randolph. 93 South exit for the route. 24 is closed on route 24, the North bound side and Raynham. You're slowing down for work at Route 44 downtown airport tunnels. No delays. But the left lane is closed both ways in the Ted Williams Tunnel studio. Dr. No issues. There was a Cambridge the Tobin Bridge. Check out just fine. This report sponsored by unbound dot org's right now they're young people. Across the world facing a tough choice, continue their dream of education or drop out to help their family put food on the table. You could help change their future in a single moment. See how far your support can go and unbound dot orig Steve Perez WBZ 24 hour traffic network. I'm Dr Jeff Benny, Pediatrician and chief of Toughs Children's Hospital in our special online section called Children's Health during Covert 19 are experts offer guidance on health concerns facing our families today learn more WBZ 10 30 com slash health Brian Thompson checks out the Acura the forecast. We still could see a stray Florrie or two tonight. Otherwise mostly cloudy. The more widespread threat will be the concern for some slick spots is any wet or slushy areas. Re.

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