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Soul Mate Monica Pad man. You gotTA fight for your right. To Fax Oh, that's very very time. It's been a long time was good had to be done in honor of the boys. As. Boys are fun yeah. Oda Fund Chap they're just Loosey, Goosey or the beastie boys. Now. They wouldn't be the beastie boys if they weren't Loosey Goosey true, that's true. They have such a fun relationship they really do. It's almost like brothers like older brother younger brother. A real brothers dynamic. They're pretty darn cute onstage in that documentary. Yeah, didn't I only saw a little bit of it, but I wanNA. Keep watching. It looked good so much great footage that Spike Jones boy. Alabama for. Infuriating, you brought it up, but it's just so cool how they've. They've run across all of these people in their careers who end up being just the best fast. Yeah, totally I don't think they take credit for it as much, but that's a thing. That's the thing when you draw talent of that. You know it's almost like the secret or something. Very very cool. Okay, so can we talk about Height Salat? Robert Plant you said is definitely over six feet, and they said definitely not. We talked about this on the show itself, but yeah. The Internet says six one I. Don't know what to tell them. Well I know what to tell them will. This double confirms I I saw him in in Manhattan and he quite tall. I know that's what we were saying. We saw him, but we. We were wondering if he had lifts in his shoes. I didn't know if wikipedia counted lifts in your shoes. Well by the way I, thinking might have had lifts in his shoes because he's six four is I'd swear. He was six two or three, so if he's really six one, and then he had a little help that makes sense. Maybe he's wearing like a boot. Yeah, Rockstar! Boots I can't do it. It's yeah. Do you like boots? You ever tried cowboy boots on. I've never owned a pair of cowboy boots, but have you ever tried them on? Yeah, there, they hurt. I've never owned them, but I've tried them on, or I've had to wear them. In movies or something, and I look ridiculous in them. It's not a look I can pull off staying some guys you see them in the cowboy boots like that looks totally right. They look too short or something. It just preposterous on my I guess just off brand for me, cowboy. I don't know you were a cowboy hat. Though that's true, but that's just for Sun. Protection is the most practical of all the sun shade hats share. Some of those are pretty heavy. Yeah,.

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