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Lennox, the Lakers and Jazz in Orlando. Tonight's a one point game with just over or actually, just under seven minutes to go in the second quarter, 36 30 for lead for Utah's A good game early on. Yes, who's leaving the Lakers and scoring that's right there, leading for Anthony Davis, 6 14 from the field. And Davis seem high 13 to this point. That game is on ESPN TV also in action right now, down in Orlando End of the third quarter, the Sixers putting up 99 through three Leading the Spurs 99 to 87. Earlier. Pelicans 109 99 victory against the Grizzlies. Brendan Angara, 20 for Zion Williams, 23 rafters Fred Vanvleet. 36. That's a career high for Freddie Raptor beat the Heat one of 7103 Nuggets prevailing in overtime against the Thunder 1 21 1 13 Career high 37 points to go along with 12 rebounds for Michael Porter Jr. 13 members of the Cardinal's Organization, seven players. Six staff members have tested positive for the Corona virus. Cardinal Siri's set to get underway Tuesday. Detroit Postpone Cardinals last play July 29th at Minnesota. Tentatively set to resume their scheduled this Friday at home against the Cubs, ESPN MLB Insider Tim Kurkjian on baseball situation right now, earlier on ESPN Radio afternoon, another bad day for baseball. We were hoping Jeff tomorrow, but then it spread to cardinals and minutes after related with Cardinal, so they have a real serious thinking to do about.

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