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A lot of fun this week and more fun to come. I'm going to be leaving after this weekend, Google on Wednesday, but the shows will continue with great guest hosts, all we go who's hosting all month long who's hosting twit next week. Do you know karston I should probably check. It's probably on Jason Snell. Snow will be hosting twit next week. And then the week after it looks like some guy. Thompson, Becky Worley. It'll be hosting on the sixteenth. So that's gonna be a lot of fun. Lots of sand shows. It's actually the shows are better when I'm out here. Let's face it. Hear that though. You know, they say, people send me the tweet at me, go stay home, stay in Europe. You two very big shoes to fill now. Well, they're not that big. I'm only about eight. Doubly our show. Did they brought to you by WordPress? That's where I'm going to put my travel photos. I actually had an epiphany. I've been posting on social media, right? I thought, why am I doing that? You should always start at your website. And if you're, I mean as an individual, your website is what people you want people to find when they search your name. If you don't have that, people will find other things when they search your name, you really need to control that. I tell this to teenagers all the time, get a website. I wouldn't parents have a new baby, say reserve their name dot com because and I did that for my kids by the way, and I'm really gratified abbey's set her WordPress dot com. Site Henry. I'm still working on him. He says, he wants to do it. He says, where can I post my pictures? Facebook, just two grades the hell out of them. Henry WordPress dot com..

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