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One that booked him so many times throughout the years. I mean, dating back to our overnight days. We've been doing this now for eight years. Say cool. My guess is has joined us. Two or three times a year for all eight of those years, so he's probably done the show 20 some odd times. What was your experience? With Saeko. So my experience and you hit on a couple of these things with guests ghosting you are guests texting you back. Look, booking a guest seems easy, but it's actually um or one of the more stressful parts of being a producer in radio specifically because It is out of your control. You a guy could tell you? Yes. And he could blatantly not show up. Ah, guy could tell. You know a guy could tell you? Yes. And cancel last minute a guy who you think could come on. You could text and you wait all day or email wait'll. They They just never answer you. And you had hopes for it Say Christmas was in such a rarefied air is for his guests and radio in that You knew. Basically there was a high probability he was going to come on. If you ask them, and you also knew there was a high probability he was going to come on. If you ask them an hour before the show two hours for the show. He didn't need to pre plan it. And when he did say yes, he wasn't just somebody threw on to throw on was gonna be opinionated was gonna be smart and was going to be a great 10 to 15 minutes of radio or our along That window is for a guest. And those guys that are really good, really smart, excellent guests and will say yes to you Within an hour's notice. This sounds crazy or rare, rare. Rare. In fact, I would say in the history of me producing and CBS sports radio There are two names that come to mind. They were sacred. Smith and their Charles Davis were both excellent guests and will always answer me even if they can't come on and on more than gracious And as you said, explanations about what? Why they can't Sacred. Smith didn't always have to be gracious with this time I didn't always have to be that kind. You're telling me every time we've concept and sacred space and see this portrait was always having a good day. But he always always always treated us with kindness with respect and with happiness, And when the news broke yesterday, it absolutely ripped my heart out. I felt so terrible knowing that he had the Children. And and knowing that age I mean, 48 years old. It's just too young. So sacred Smith. I owe a lot and we joke a lot about my my problems. As a producer say Christmas has failed me out more than more than a couple of times. And I owe him a great deal of gratitude. What a great man the world lost Just a great man yesterday. For sure. And Cove. It's an interesting thing in the sports world because we haven't had Somebody young fit healthy in athletics. Pass away because of this, And so I think for sports fans, it oftentimes feels like Justin annoyance. So guys get Kobe did there on the covert list. Okay, but they all come back to play again. We've had coaches like next David Wolfe Nick Saving it. 69 70 years old can get it and be fine and coach to a national championship. What ill effects do we see? This is not a political commentary. This is just a reality as us in sports. We're hearing Cove it. It's why we're not at games. That's why guys can't play. It's why games are delayed, but it's not really, really affecting. These players in terms of life or death or these coaches. We just haven't seen that part of it. This puts a face to that were now you feel like you've known somebody intimately, even it's just through sports. That you've lost because of it. And that is a very jarring thing. Because again, Sekou it 48 years old seem to be the picture of health as well. So it's just like here today. Gone tomorrow. It doesn't register in your brain. It's a really hard one, and then on top of it is all of the things that you mentioned. He was a great guy and a good guy, a great guy and a great writer, and it's just jarring and devastating and sad. And yesterday when you watched All the things said about Sekou. They were all right. All of them is that everybody just had this universal appreciation for him. Andrew Bogus, says our headlines this morning. Bogue's How'd you feel upon hearing the news of Saeko? I mean, it's just startling, right? I mean number sadly kind of used to bad news, but Sometimes it's worse than others. I guess not to compare things, but I mean something just hit home more than other ones. And this one really hit home and stay COO Smith. Mark Spears were guys that were super nice to me when I was just starting this business doing a nightly radio show on On serious Tongo is just serious, not Sirius XM On black, Shawn said. They didn't have to even answer our texts and emails. And yet they answered quickly and 19 hours of the time. They said yes. And then when they came on They were awesome. I'm mean sake, who was just a super super guy, and it sucked to read this yesterday on Git was sad, but also, you know, uplifting to read all of the people remembering him so well, but I mean, 48 husband, Dad, and it's just It shouldn't be like this. Yeah, I know. I felt the same way. So we'll always remember Saeko around here on the show, No doubt about it. He was awesome for us. He was absolutely awesome. That said, That's a big loss for the sports world Sports Media World NBA world and for our world, no doubt about it. We got headlines this morning. Where do we begin with the headlines? Guys, not Curt Schilling, not Barry Bonds, not Roger Clemens, Not Scott Rolen. Nobody elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday. And since covert kept the Veterans Committee from picking someone last month, there are no new Hall of Famers. For the first time since 1968 years ago, writers didn't elect anyone. But at least that year, There were veteran committee choices. Shilling missing Cooperstown by just 16 votes see then as to be removed from next year's balance. Preferring to wait for that Veterans committee to consider his resume. Instead, bonds and Clemens finishing with less than 62% of the vote, they have one year left on this main balance. JT Real Moto remains a Philly After all, the All Star catcher expected to re sign five years $115 million that annual average value of 23.1 mil is a record for a catcher. Just more. And what Joe Mauer once got from the Twins. The Blue Jays were signing former A's infielder Marcus Simeon, and the Twins at all World shortstop Andrelton Simmons. Heisman.

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