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On today's party might take the bracket has been released we break down all the story lines that are coming march madness the best week of the year we also were down in austin for south by southwest than we sat down with vince young the legend vince young and have an awesome interview with that with him before we get to that here's a word from one of our sponsors fela's ladies what's up i wanna talk to you about a very important subject right now skuld sex you're the best way to have sex is when you feel like you're safe when you feel like you don't have to worry about sti earn unintended pregnancy i'm talking about wearing khattab's folks trojan bearskin condoms in fact it's great because you can be having sex and not be worried about being by going to get some folk i'm a dunk to wrap it up use them safely ease inconsistently use them correctly and best of all trojan respects great defense so they're going to give away a box of trojan bearskin condoms for every blocked shot in this year's men's college hoops tournament go get you double double server time you score block aschiana score block shot you want those swimmers get into nooks and crannies they shouldn't be in you don't want a little sti coming up your you with you don't want you want your girl come down with unintended pregnancy wrap it up feels great wrap it up trojan bearskin condoms they're the best everyone's use them gouda at trojan condoms on twitter reached tweet the pin contests tweet at the top of the page you get a chance to win a box trojan bersten condoms for every blocked shot in this year's men's college who tournament to win you must be 18 years or older with us residents go to at trojan condoms on twitter and check out the link in the contest tweet for official rules contests entry period will be open until eleven fifty nine pm eastern time on april seven two thousand eighteen let's all get lay let's go.

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