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You know that makes sense eleven years ago when we first started the art of charm i think we rented some server space from go daddy which is where we bought are domain which by the way was a hundred and fifty dollars a year back then now is probably seven dollars if you don't use any coupon codes and we needed a server because we had maxed out our shared server with go daddy and they wanted just tens of thousands of dollars for dedicated servers that were maintained by them it was unbelievable so we found a friend of ours who is a client of the are charm in the early early days and he said oh i've got a solution i i do this all the time at work i'm gonna find you a used server so we bought one of those i think it was like 13 grand and he said look i'm gonna keep this in my office my office cooled it's an it company i need you to pay me for maintaining it where i need to call in other experts but i'll do my part for free in my boss won't care of that i have a personal server at work because he worked in an awesome cool place and i remember he's a cow my boss just wants you to pay for your bandwidth and that internet connection there was so expensive because it was probably half as fast as your home internet connection is now but it was shared with all these different servers and you had to pay you had to pay for this t one line that went into this building and so our first foray into real enterprise level stuff cost the company around twenty twenty five thousand dollars now you can go get the exact same thing it'll be faster more reliable managed by real professional and it's probably somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen bucks a month yhombi if you just think about how powerful things like box dropped boksic night those kinds of things are i mean we used to pay many thousands of dollars a month just for storage and you don't have to do that anymore and so all that stuff has gone away the other big problem that i see jordan is a lot of the advice to entrepreneurs today is frankly wrong and kinda bullshit.

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