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Minutes pronounce twelve thirty five traffic and weather together. Zepeda? All right. Just heard from Barbara folks on the four or five jammed Ken heading south on the four zero five just after the ten seeing some slowing right now approaching Venice boulevard. Cal trans taking out the two right lanes. So that is jamming up pretty good coming away from the ten again. That's the four or five south breaking Venice boulevard. Wherever you have construction. It is slow in south LA. We also have some selling right now, if you're traveling south on the one ten freeway from the ten to gauge only two left lanes are getting by. So that's why it is very heavy approaching the Ted right now and flip over to the northbound side of the one ten freeway between the one oh five in Manchester, two right lanes taken out and the connector road from the one ten north to the eastbound five that is also shut down for roadwork. Let's check out the water one freeway in Agoura hills. It's if you're heading west on the one on one all lanes blocked off at chess, bro, all traffic is being diverted back on jazz, bro. Not really seeing a big backup to where you're forced off at. But just a heads up. Again. That's a full freeway closure on the west at chess, bro. Otherwise, a check of the five freeway and Valencia northbound I'm seeing some slowing between magic. Mountain Parkway and has a canyon road two right lanes are blocked off. And also keep in mind that the five north transition road to get to the ones what he's six east and west that is shutdown fourteen freeway. It looks pretty good right now to major delays. We do have some construction happening in Palmdale southbound on the fourteenth from Palmdale boulevard Angeles forest, highway, two left lanes blocked off until around five or five thirty. But again, the fourteen looks pretty good. No major problems heading in from the valley and downtown freeways are moving along. At good speeds. Your next report twelve forty five. I'm Pete in Toronto. With more traffic reports. More often can't extend seventy NewsRadio..

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