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And Anthony O Neil Ramsey personalities and bestseller. But there's four or five things you can do if you want to avoid debt, and you're going to college, and you don't have any or don't have much money. Okay. The biggest thing number one thing by far, and it really trumps all the others is college choice. Where he chooses to go to school will affect his finances for the rest of his life. And it is if you don't have a lot of money choosing to go to super expensive school is straight up stupid because there's no ROI on it. There's no proof that wear you go to school causes you to be successful. There's not any research that says that there's a lot of snobs that believe it, but it doesn't really turn out that way out here in the real world. So going to an end state state school in state tuition is usually your best bet pricewise if he can get scholarships or something that's fine. I don't care where he goes. I'm not against those other schools, it you just can't afford to pay fifty or sixty thousand dollars a year when he can go in your state for ten thousand dollars a year. And so you pick, and that's that's how much difference there is it's it's bizarre. How expensive some of these places are? So college selection is number one in a sub subcategory of that is it doesn't hurt anything to do the first year or even two at the local community college for two thousand dollars a year and get your basics out of the way. You wanna do careful planning and make sure they are going to transfer to your to your field of study. And to you the university that you intend to go to, but I went to Mt. SU university the middle Tennessee State university, my first year of college and I transferred the inverse of Tennessee for the following three years back in those days. Mt issue was one third the cost, and I stayed at home and drove back and forth..

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